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Kavya’s Future


When they came in initially, none of the teenage actresses wanted to act with the established actors many of whom were older than their own parents. Now that attitude has changed. Bhavana acted as Mohan Lal’s heroine in Naran and Chotta Mumbai. Meera Jasmine acted as Mohan Lal’s heroine in Rasathanthram and is now going to act with Mammotty in Ore Kadal. Gopika has acted as Mammotty’s heroine in Pothen Vava. Padma Priya has acted with almost all the senior actors.

Kavya Madhavan has decided not to follow this path. This leaves her with few options. Act as Dileep’s heroine or Prithviraj’s heroine. Since Kavya is not known for jumping around in tiny skirts, Dileep had to get Gajala for his Speedtrack. Prithviraj is busy both in Tamil and Malayalam and has a wide range of heroines from Jyothika to Samvritha to choose from. With movies of other heroes exploding in the box office like Pakistani Suicide Bombers, there are few other opportunities for Kavya.

Now on top of this, she has decided not to act in run-off-mill movies which means that she won’t act in Tiger Balm Headache Award Winning Movies like Kilukkam Kilukilukkam This decision virtually eliminates 90% of the movies released in Kerala as they are all clones of the Self Sacrificing Brother(TM), Old-Superstar-Acting-As-Young-Man, Suresh Gopi catches Sai Kumar or Siddique movies or Kalabhavan Mani movies. Recently she said no to Kalabavan Mani’s new movie Nanma.

Her upcoming movies are Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s Moonu Pennungal, Nadia Kollapetta Rathri, Athisayan and Ente Uppappakku Oru Aana Undarnu. These movies are different and hopefully change her image as the most under utilized actress in Malayalam. Recently Director Vidhu Vinod Chopra was interviewing Saif Ali Khan for a special on Ekalavya and he asked Saif why he is now seen in very good character roles. Saif’s reply was that he has been doing stupid movies for some time and later when he sits down with his kids, he wants them to show them some movies he is proud of doing. That made him do Parineeta, Omkara and Ekalavya.

Similarly when Kavya retires from acting people might remember her for Mizhi Randilum and Perumazhakkalam and not for the other inane comedies. But while all her upcoming movies are a bit different, we wonder as an actress if she will be phased out if she is not seen much around. Is she in a position to decline movies when there new actress are getting introduced from movies like Notebook, and Goal.

Even superstars act in stupid movies. Mammotty followed Rajamanikyam and Thuruppugulan with Palunku, Karutha Pakshikal and Kaiyoppu. Mohanlal has Praja and Thandavam, but also Vanaprastham. We think it is essential to find a balance, but still there is no excuse for Kilukkam Kilukilukkam.


  1. Which is the team behind “Ente Uppappakku Oru Aana Undarnu”? Is it made out of the famous novel in the same name by Basheer?

  2. Her act in “Kilukkam Kilukilukkam” gave the keralite a chance to compare her with the acting skills of Revathy. Then only we all realized what a fine actress Revathy is since Kavya’s performance in that film was so bad.

    But the keralite will always remember her for her smile and natural beauty. Though she has to tone up her body she still means a lot to many. She has not done vulgarities so far. And she has not been the subject matter of vulgar gossips. May be it is because of all these Malayaalees adore her and she tide along with the wave so long.

  3. Jo, It will be made by K.P.Kumaran. It will be based on Vaikkom Mohammed Basheer’s novel and Kavya will play Kunji Pathumma

  4. Frankly to me Kavya has never appeared to be a great actress.She is beautiful(Indeed she is beautiful);and that is her biggest plus point and also that she is a darling among the masses.In almost all her films she has just been someone who is just a support to the film or the hero.(there may be one or 2 exceptions.).She hold the batton which once Parvathi used to hold(playing normal good looking heroine).

  5. dear vc,
    i had written an article or a paragraph and sent it as a commentbut not yet published
    is it bcos it was very long?

  6. Visakh, an email was sent to you, maybe it ended up in spam folder. Please check.

  7. The future of Samvrutha, Kavya etc are in real shambles. Initially the aged actors were reluctant to make them heroins for fear of acceptance by the audiance. But, it seems Mallus want only Lal or Mammooirresepective of the match which made their task easy. Padmapriya’s case is different since she looks quite old and matured (with the type of dress she wears)and can easily match with the aged Super Stars. Since very few youngsters are there, unlike Tamil or Telugu, where atleast one dozen of them are accepted already by the public we are at a sorry state.
    Since Kavya is bulky and not ready to act with Tamil’s aged stars she just cannot survivein Malayalam alone. She, I read somewhere that is going to marry in 2007. It may be true looking at the state of affairs and at her future projects. This can happens to anyone including ROMA, who is having a good time now since she is with Prithvi in Chocolate and Dileep in Joshy’s movie. After that what will happen???.

  8. There is nothing wrong with Kavya.She is better than most of the heriones.She did extremely well in movies like Perumazhakkalam,Meesha madhavan and Vaasthavam.Only thing our industry is still contolled by heroes who is more than heriones parents.

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