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Vishu 2007 Preview: Panthaya Kozhi


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Producer Lal wanted to make a movie with one of the superstars and the story line he approved went like this. A youngster comes to Kalimuthupalayam in Tamil Nadu to sell a house and some property. There he meets a Tamil girl Chembakam and falls in love. The house he had come to sell had lot of problems and how he solves them forms the story.

The superstars refused dates for this movie. Probably they thought why bore the audience with yet another Malayali-lands-in-TN story. Haven’t they seen Paadipada, Kerala House Vilkanundu, Mayilattom, Thommanum Makkalum or myriad of other movies which dealt with Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Thevar, Gounder, House, Daughter, and Thevar’s henchmen? Which angle has not been covered so far?

Miffed by the snub of superstars, Lal has decided to launch Narain aka Sunil as the new hero in Malayalam. Sunil/Narain was just awesome in the Tamil film Chittiram Pesuthadi, but unfortunately he has not been able to show his talent in Malayalam films to that extent. Yes, he has acted in few movies like Sheelabathi, Annorikkal and Classmates, but all those roles were not so demanding as the Tamil film.

Besides Narain, the movie also stars, Geetha, Madhu, Sudheesh, Janardhanan, Rami Reddy, and the heroine is Pooja. The story is by M.A Venu who also directs the movie. The music is by Lal’s brother Alex Paul and the lyrics are by Vayalar Sharatchandra Varma.

This Vishu season, Narain is facing an uphill battle against both Mammotty (Big-B) and Mohanlal (Chotta Mumbai), but also against Rajnikanth, whose much awaited Shivaji is releasing in 60 theatres in Kerala. Producer Lal has gone and booked the best theatres for Panthaya Kozhi, but then people come to see the movie not the theatre. We wonder what made Lal chose a stale story like this, but he is one person who has a good story sense and hope he will pull some magic out of his hat, for Malayalam Cinema definitely needs a hero like Narain.


  1. Naren is not just being launched a hero in Malayalam, but as an action hero in Panthayakozhi.

    Hope malayalee audiences digest this.
    What was Lal thinking when doing this atrocity???

  2. Narein doesn’t look liek an action hero. However, the Mallu audiance is the most unpredictable in the world, it seems. They do not want anything but real rubbish from the aged stars, and Mani also fills some fillips in to this atrocities.

  3. This movie is likely to be a surprise hit for this Vishu, because of the mysteries Naren face in the TN house, which are expected to be sort new experiences for the audience. Only question is how Venu and team would craft it.

  4. Naren along with Prithvi are the best options we have for young action roles. Hope Naren’s experiences in Tamil will bring in an amount of eccentricity into his character.

    But with school kids (with parents) gone for Vinodhayathra and Athishayan and just one week of breathing space before the Supers come in, its a uphill task. Can Lal creation do it?

    Lets hope they do.

  5. LAL Creation may create another magic with this film eventhough I don’t want to go see the film because I saw a song on TV. It was just horrible with horrible made to laugh comedy scenes. just horrible. Lal Creations gets the biggest theaters in Kerala and maybe the success of Class Mates got into lals head too much. Class Mates became a huge hit because the biggies failed to atract crowd. I hope he will realize it with Panthayakozhi release. I am sure Naren will be the next superstar or crowd puller in Kerala but this is way too soon for him.

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