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It was news when Mohanlal met Adoor Gopalakrishnan at latter’s house last year for breakfast. Many speculated that an alliance is in offing between the two. It was widely reported in the media that Mohanlal will act in Adoor’s next movie, many considered that as equivalent of climbing Mt.Everest in Mohanlal’s career. Then we read that Adoor’s new movie’s name was Moonnu Pennungal (Three Women). Fans and public thought that this was going to be a love rectangle. Then news about movie’s star cast was announced and Mohanlal’s name was not found. Now Sify reports that Adoor rejected the idea that he ever talked to Mohanlal about acting in his next movie.

In a shocking development, noted director Adoor Gopalakrishnan has denied that Mohanlal was a part of his new film! The doyen of world cinema said: “It was just a media-made casting. I have never talked to Mohanlal about a film”.

A peeved Mohanlal when contacted in Mumbai where he is shooting for Ramgopal Varma’s Sholay refused to comment. Meanwhile Adoor is starting his new film titled Moonnu Pennungal (3 Women) from Sunday, March 11 at Ambalapuzha. The cast has Nandita Das, Padmapriya and Kavya Madhavan as the three women. Manoj K.Jayan, Mukesh, Jagathy and Jagadhish are in supporting roles. [Adoor miffed]

Many questions arise now. Why did Mohanlal have breakfast with Adoor? What did they talk during the breakfast? How many Masala Dosas did Mohanlal eat?

If a boy and girl are seen talking in a neighborhood, immediately the public assume that something is cooking between them, when in all probability the girl could be asking the boy, “Why are you always searching for Mamata Mohandas on” Mohanlal is a good cook and probably he went to Adoor’s house to compare notes on how to make Chicken Chilli Fry. The journalistic media, which is suposed to follow high standards in reporting, added 1 and 1 and got 3, giggled like a school girl and reported it immediately.

One can’t blame the media alone for it. There is nothing exciting happening in Malayalam Film World. Mammotty, Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi and Kalabhavan Mani movies are released in the same predictability as sunrise and sunset. So when odd things happen like Shakeela acting in a Mohanlal movie or Mohanlal meeting Adoor it is reported with the same seriousness as Achyutanandan signing ADB loan which he opposed while in opposition. Unless of course, to outdo Dileep’s role in Chanthupottu, Mohanlal auditioned for the role of one of the Moonu Pennungal.

Tomorrow if news comes out that the editors of met with Adoor, please don’t read too much into it. We are not writing or starring in the movie.


  1. dear sir,
    i was surprised adoor would cast mohanlal in his venture about bashir’s stories. let adoor choose unknown actors so that viewer will not have preoccupied apprehensions about the beautiful charactors basheer built. it is some thing like wrecking of great epic mahabharatha with some of the known actors such that the charectors will not enter the senses of the viewers. some of the castings mt’s short stories pn menon chose was so wonderful that the charector gopi and all those cast will remain inthe mind of people safeguarding mt’s imagination. but in another one asokan is cast by some other director in the similar venture which was miserable. anyway adoor knows verywell how to do justice to bashir

  2. It is another rumuor spread by the Chennai based Media and some of the Lal pramoters like Sify.Adoor doesn’t need any actor for his movies (It is Adoor movie-not Actor movie) and he doesn’t care about commercial success.According to these chennai based writers ,Malayalam cinema needs to follow the hero oriented Tamil movie industry.According to them,Malayalis watch only Mammootty and Lal movies (And Ofcourse Tamil Masala movies).

  3. Mathrubhumi today reports Adoorhaving ventured out on twin films this time around. After Moonnu Pennungal he wud be starting on Kallante Makan soon. Does the latter have anything to do with Mohanlal??

  4. Actually, the truth is that Mohanlal is going to direct a movie and wanted to cast Adoor as the hero. And that’s the reason for the meeting. And masala dosa eating! 🙂

  5. i have a doubt.How do we write something to this site other than these comments.I mean some feature,review or something like that.plz do let me know if anyone knows how.

  6. Last week Manorama Sunday Movie page, it is clearly mentioned , Adoor is making two movies, Moonnu Pennungal and Kallante Makan. Casting of the latter also has been done, yes, Lal is not there in Kallante Makan too….I simply cannot believe as it is just a media creation because almost all media wrote about it.Is one media copying from another one?.One of the media (forgot the name) declared the shoot date too.(But one is true, Adoor hadn’t made any comment about a movie with Lal.)

  7. Visakh,

    please write to editor at varnachitram dot com with your ideas for writing articles.

  8. I think Adoor, with all respect, lives in his own intellectual cocoon. It used to be cool once upon a time for General Pictures to finance Adoor’s intellectual manifestations out of its cashew profits or NFDC on poor Indian’s tax money.

    The changing movie landscape in Kerala means people aren’t going to be excited if Adoor cast Mohanlal or vice versa. I would ask does it make sense for an average malayalee family to spend Rs.200/ to get a glimpses of life of a hangman in Chithira Thirunal’s Travancore?

    I would think it would make a good movie to tell the story of Chithira Thirunal himself.

  9. Mozhi the experience and Prithviraj the actor
    Finally seen the movie Mozhi on 12th, from Satyam Complex Chennai, the night show.
    In short it is an experience, which is hilarious moving and full of energy.

    The story is quite simple. A love at first sight, but which turned in to friendship, agony.
    Each character in the movie is having a story. The Apartment Secretary, who is trying to impose him on everyone and how Kartik brings him out of his way, the agony of the professor who lost his only child (an IIT aspirant) thru an accident in 1984, who still lives in that moment, just because he did not cry on hearing the news, the agony of a flower girl who is deaf and mute who comes momentarily across Kartik’s life, the carefree life of the big hearted Viji, friend of Kartik, Sheela the friend and well wisher of Archana, the deaf and mute girl.

    Favorite Scenes

    Many, the scene when Archana feels music thru her hands pressed against the speaker, where the eyes of Jo mesmerizes us and Prithviraj turns in to a real musician.

    The scene where, Viji (Prakash raj) surprises Kartik how he fixed marriage on a fine Sunday morning with Sheela, Archana’s friend who is a widow.

    The scene, where Kartik confronts the Professor and take him out of his mind, which was dead in 1984 on hearing his son’s accidental death. Simply you cannot control your emotions.

    The scene when Kartik asks a little flower girl, who was deaf and mute about her life.

    The scene, where Kartik expresses his love toArchana and her reactions on it.

    The scene, where Kartil says goodbye to Archana on rejecting him love.

    It was a marvelous experience. I think Malayalam film personalities must see the movie for two reasons, the subtlety of the theme, and how a simple story can be get directed to keep the audience spellbound in the magic moments. The character selections and the performance of lead pairs who (at least Archana, Kartik, Viji, Sheela, Professor, Secretary) were excelled.

    The performance of Jo, was marvelous. She is not opening her mouth except the scene when Kartik walks away from her life after returning the tiny Guitar she has given him as a gift. She talks thru her eyes. She would have never done such a role in her life.
    Prithviraj, who is simply awesome who mesmerizes us. No wonder in spite of reverses in life and prayers from many for his destruction he is still at large. He is simply superb in many scenes. Excellent comedy timing, excellent emotional control in many scenes (the scene when he helps the professor to wake up from his lost mind, Tells Jo that he is going away from her life, the confrontation with Secretary, little flower girl etc. etc.). His hilarious moment with Prakash Raj, who probably pushing himself behind Prithviraj in an attempt to promote his hero. His dance movements are marvelous. He is, as per words from the producer and the director Radha Mohan will go places.

    Bottom line:- Prithviraj, an asset to the film Industry, who was just an actor who I admire, but after seeing Mozhi I am proud to tell myself that I adore him and consider him an asset to the same film world. Never seen a Youngster at this age gives out such wonderfull all round performances. He will go places in both Tamil and Malayalam.
    The detractors, I advise them to see the movie, may find many faults, which is quite appreciable and would definitely improve him further. He will win lots of laurels in his life.

  10. Sree, why are you offended with Adoor…all his movies earn revenue if not thru theatres then in the festival circuit. Both Vidheyan and Mathilukal ran for 50 days in trivandrum. He has done you no harm. He is the seniormost Malayali filmmaker still active today who has won for our small state laurels the world over. Nizhalkuthu was a beautiful movie. And so was Vidheyan and Ponthenmada. Sadly most malayalis like you have lost the mindset or the sensibility to watch such movies.

  11. Prem, Ponthan Mada was made by T.V.Chandran, not Adoor.

  12. Dear sree,
    Adoor Gopalikrishnan is not a director who makes films to excite people.Iam sorry you have completely misunderstood him.When he casts mohanlal or mammootty for a film he doesn’t look at their starvalue but itstead it is solely based on their acting skills or their ability to transform themselves to characters.

    He is a world class director.His films has characters,there is life and there is a solid story.

  13. Prem,
    I didn’t mean to offend Adoor, that is not in my nature, but in my view he had milked enough of this “impotent male protogonist” paradigm. It was great in “Elipathayam”, then he did “Mukhamukam” a farce with a highly bogus ending. I remember all those “kalla budhijeevi” talking about the subtext of that film, honestly I didn’t see any.

    Vikkom Bashir was a man who challenged pretentions of society by by his stories and his life. When Adoor made “Mathilukal” it was a delight because for the first time in a long while Adoor broke off from his own sterotyping of malayalee male.

    With “Vidheyan” he slipped back into remission. I really didn’t like that movie it was so preposterous and pretentious. On the otherhand I read a kannada book (I forgot the author) about migrants (mostly malayalees)in the Kerala Karnataka border, very touching and realistic.

    I have still hope for Adoor because I have been watching his movies since “Swyamvaram” (I think his best) ad I hope I haven’t yet lost my mind set but I might if he doesn’t change 🙂

  14. Karthik, sorry i meant mathilukal instead of ponthenmada.

    Sree, glad you cleared the air. what pissed me most about Vidheyan was that Gopakumar’s acting was miles ahead of mammooty, he played the title role and was the lead character, yet they gave mammooty the natl best actor award…that is why i laugh at ppl who cry for mammootty not getting this time’s award!

    swayamvaram, was his best ever…no doubt!

  15. Prem,
    In 1993 Mammootty got National award for his performances in ponthenmada and vidheyan, not just vidheyan.

  16. Mammootty got award not only for Vidheyan but for Ponthenmada.And there was a small debate about the acting by Gopakumar and Mammooty in Vidheyan.Few support Gopakumar and few others mammootty.I am with Mammootty, he portrayed the character brillinatly with controlled dialogue delivery, and be honest, Gopakumar also was brilliant.

  17. Prem,
    I agree with your view that Gopakumar did a fantastic job in Vidheyan but I beg to differ from “Gopakumar’s acting was miles ahead of Mammootty’s”. As per me, it would have been a very tough job to select the better of the two as far as ‘Vidheyan’ is concerned. And then why award for Mammootty? That was becuase that year, he had another stellar performance in Ponthen Mada too to stake his claim. I believe his performance in that should have earned him the award more than that in Vidheyan.

    Also, I think both of them were in lead roles, not just Gopakumar and playing the title role is not a criterion to judge the performance.

    Even if you still believe in what you say, don’t you think it’s a bit inept from your side to “laugh at people who cry for Mammootty this year”, just because you feel he had got the award undeservingly earlier? You have your right to your views but your reasoning is based on a loose ground.

    I rate ‘Elipathayam’ as his best work, as yet

  18. I was talking to a well-known Director recently about Adoor’s movie and he mentioned that none of Adoor’s recent movies made any money (award money included). Not sure how true this is. Anyway, Adoor seems to be making movies only when he feels right. And that’s a good thing.

  19. Adoor is a great director.I may doubt his greateness, if he annouce a movie with Mohan Lal.If he do so how is he different from our commercial directors ,just making a movie when they have dates avalaible of a star.Can Adoor do that, just create a story that suits Mohan Lal?

  20. Adoor has indeed proved that he is a great director through his films from swayamvaram to Nizhalkkuthu.I dont see how that worth is reduced when he does a movie with Mohanlal who is one of the greatest actors in kerala.It is not Adoor’s or Mohanlal’s problem that Mohanlal has a starvalue.
    Directors like Adoor cast Mohanlal or Mammootty in their films based on their acting skills only and not bcos of their starvalue.Plz dont forgets films like Vanaprastham,Mathilukal,Vidheyan,Danny etc.(Offbeat films of the so-called superstars).
    For us on;ly these are superstars.But for Adoor etc they are actors and actors only.That is how it is and that is how it should be.

  21. We have heard of Shaji Kailas running out of steam, Lohitadas running out of steam, but now has VC too run out of steam???

  22. Unnikrishnan, VC is on an unannounced break to take care of some personal issues. Posting will resume from Monday.

  23. Dear VC,
    i tried to mail to editor@vaenachitram to publish an but delivery failed 4 times.I dont think such an email id exists.Plz tell an email address or some site to contact for this purpose.

  24. visakh, Please post it as a comment here. We will get it.

  25. Awards and Performances:-

    Awards be it the state or the national are often accompanied by

    contraversies.Lets not take into consideration the fimfare,Asianet,Surya tv

    What made me write this was the declarations of the

    2006 state awards.The elite class awards(Best film,actor,actress,director

    etc)all caused confusions in my mind.Forget the best film Drishtantham;

    we dont know anything about it.But plz put an eye at the best director

    category,it went to Lenin Rajendran.I haven’t seen his film Rathrimazha but

    seen somw scenes and few songs of it and alos know somewhat about the

    story.But can anyone say by what parameters did he go past

    Ranjith(Kaiyoppu),Blessy(Palunku),and many others like Roshan Andrews

    etc.Plz dont take me as a fan of these directors or Mammootty.

    Next look at the best actor/actress category; Belive me

    iam a die hard fan of Prithviraj a fast improving actor.He had made

    majestic performances in the films like

    Nandanam,Vargam,Classmates,Vasthavam,Akale,Stop Violence etc.Till date

    i haven’t missed any of his films good or bad.But for his over the top

    performances in Palunku,Karutha Pakshikal,Kaiyoppu etc this years award

    was deserved by Mammotty and Mammootty only.
    The best actress award to Urvashi can only be taken as a joke.I saw the film

    she was good but even her die-hard fans wouldn’t have axpected an

    award for her in that film.There were many other eligible candidates lead

    by Padmapriya(Karutha Pakshikal,Vadakkumnathan etc).

    Contraversies as i said are always there with any awards;But this time it

    was a bit too much.One word to the Jury members that Malayalam film

    audiences are not puppets.One of the Jury member Rose Mary admitted

    that these awards were based on an agreement only and that it never went

    to the deserved.Why even Prithviraj said that this awrd news was shocking

    to him.(he didnt say “surprise”).
    About the jury its chief was Rajeev kumar.He has made some good films

    like Pavitram,Shesham etc most other films aren’t worthy of even being

    watched once like Ivar,Vakkalathu Narayanankutty etc.

    I have just one thing to say I have heard ssreenivasan telling abt

    the natinal award jury that there is no judgement only bargaining.And that

    people have lost their faith in awards which is not at all a good news for

    Film industry.

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