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Review Roundup : Speed Track


Much delayed Speed Track finally got released and reviewers have given it favourable reviews. Dileep’s lean patch seems to be over and according to the reviews Dileep holds the movie together. All the reviews state that Speed Track is a racy entertainer. The theme of the movie is oft repeated All sacrificing brother – but it is at least set in sports field. That’s variety. In Jayasurya(scenarist SL Puram’s son) Malayalam cinema has got a new writer-director.

Sify’s take:

Dileep’s much delayed Speed Track directed by debutant Jayasurya is fast, racy, never-a-dull moment entertainer. The script concentrates on Malayalee’s craze for athletics which starts at a very early age and the spirit to win against all odds. It has been packaged well with a star cast that works, glossy look, sentiments, comedy, peppy songs, one-liners and a great performance from Dileep.

Arjun (Dileep) is an athlete who joins the BCM sports college with an aim of winning the state championship in athletics. Arjun’s intentions is to get the Rs 10 Lakhs sponsored price money in the competition with which he can pay for the medical treatment of his brother Anil to be done in US. Anil was selected to the state volleyball team but due to Arjun’s carelessness, an accident takes place which puts him on a wheelchair. The elder brother since then has a guilt complex which he wants to get rid, by making his brother walk again. comments:

Dileep is excellent as Arjun while Gajala, who is physically right for the part of Gauri and looks good, fares just average in acting. Madhu Warrier as Rahul is good. Riyaz Khan as Tinu is his very usual self. All the other actors including Jagathy Sreekumar, Vijayaraghavan, Bindu Panicker, Salim Kumar etc have done justice to their respective roles.

The main attraction of The Speed Track is that the director, who has himself penned the story and the script, has paid much care to the packaging aspect. Comedy, romance, thrills and every other ingredient has been put in judiciously. The comic sequences do seem very similar to those we have seen in umpteen films, but they are thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. says:

Speed Track, the much delayed Dileep-starrer, gives us the competition, games, sports, rivalry and romance associated with a sports college. Debutant writer-director Jayasurya weaves a cohesive story involving all the elements around sports, resulting in a somewhat exciting and enjoyable experience.

The tale of this campus begins with the establishment of prime players — teachers, students (freshers and seniors) and other sundry characters that are found on campus. The focus then shifts to protagonist Arjun (Dileep), a dedicated and focussed athlete who has just joined the college with a mission that interestingly is revealed only half way through the film. says:

Dileep looks composed and surprises everyone with his athlete look. He does Arjun with effortless ease. Gazala as Gouri is a big surprise packet and also looks good. Madhu Warrier, Salimkumar, Prajod and Co are adequate while Riaz Khan does his usual villainish act.

Deepak Dev has given some good melodies, especially the Yesudas song Paatum Paadi. Udit Narayan in Oru Kinnara Gaanam finds it’s hard once again to spell Mallu properly. Jayasurya has picturised all the songs in a trendy manner.

The film is neither profound nor deep in its story telling methods but does lightly touch on serious issues revolving around the temporal nature of sports life in campuses. All crises get neatly and happily resolved in the Adrenalin pumping climax and the film approvingly views all its bourgeois glamour.

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  1. For how long will Dileep keep doing either these packaged masala movies or his childish komali films…doesnt he have anything better to offer…he has exhausted his oeuvre long back…and is surviving just on the money power he has accrued…heard he is increasingly focussing on his business ventures these days. poor poor janapriyan the only comment he gets for his latest super-hit is a criticism!

    Not much time left Dileep…Prithvi and Naren are coming back strong…will Vinodayatra keeps him afloat…or is staying afloat even goin to help in the long run!

  2. Dileep was damned good when the story was strong. But look at the recent ones ‘chess, don, garud, speed’. He is tiding along. Now he is onto a joshy film penned by siby-uday. May be there is no story at all. Only situations.

    Dileep be careful of the films he choose now on. Otherwise he will follow the footsteps of Jayaram.
    If your friend writers has run out of steam find someone else. In his lifetime a writer has the limit of writing stories. Now if the writer duo siby-uday goes on writing without the trace of a storyline but situations alone it will affect many lives including theirs, the actors and so on.

    So hunt a better story and act in it. Look at srinivasan for an example. He has only directed 3 movies. But they are real stuff. I consider his syamala as a superb one. The story was highly contemporary.

    So be selective. Do not commit to do trashy films.

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  4. Why people always have to look at the negatives of Dileep? Look back and analyze what he has done for Malayalam film industry, look at all the super hits he has provided to the industry.

    And –please stop comparing and babble about Prithvi Raj (Silver spoon) and others. They have long way to travel to get at least even close to the superstars. It doesn’t happen over the night, lot of suffering and hard work involved, not an easy thing to do.
    Please don’t take it personal!

  5. Mathew,

    Why should people look only at the positives of Dileep? In a movie blog you cannot come and say what should be discussed and what should not be.

    Every comment I have read here says Prithviraj is promising actor. No one has said he is equal or a replacement for superstars yet. You randomly make your own assumptions and give lectures. Wow!

  6. I support Jibs.And morover giving mere hits donot serve any purpose to film industry.The films have to be meaningfull too.

  7. Hits may not mean anything to the cinema – Look at Prem Nazir movies – nearly 600 of them, many of them hits. How many of them actually helped the case of Malayalam Cinema ?

  8. Am I reading this statements correctly
    “mere hits dont serve any purpose” ,

    What purpose hits serve?

    They entertains people !!!
    They keep artists alive !!!
    They give money to producers so that they can waste it on ‘intellectually superior’ movies !!!

    As Mohanlal said he needs to make money through movies like HariKrishnans (or Narasimham) so that he can loose money on movies like Kalapani (or Vanaprastham).

  9. I agree that films and the income from films are important and a living for many people.But still film making is not a complete business; its an art which provides u income also.
    I just wanted to make it clear that making movies with a sole intension to gain money is not right.There was a time when Shakeela films were made with few thousands and in return earned upto have a crore.Will u call that also film making(ofcourse that also makes money).
    I can’t agree with the concept of making meaningless films just for money.There are a large number of good commercial movies which have sensible plots and also making substantial turnovers.So there is nothing like u have to make meaningless films in order to make box office successes.

  10. That works both ways, film is business and art.

    Movies made for the sole purpose of an individuals’ creative satisfaction (without having any consideration for the viewer) is also not right.

    While everyone seems so eager to question movies with only business intentions they some how shy away from critizing movies with only artists self indulgent motives.

    And yes Shakeela movies are also film making, though of poor quality. The quality is not poor because of business intentions but because the people behing dont have talent.

    The same category of movies (with same intent) but with better tatents would/should be considered equaly.

  11. Jibs,
    Stop crying about Prithviraj, if you want earn a spot with superstars, you need to work hard and earn it. So both you and Prithviraj stop being a cry baby, start earn something your slef, such as respect, hit movies etc.. . Goodluck to both of you. Please don’t take this personal.
    [some hero worshipping slogans deleted – editor]

  12. Mathew,

    Biggest hit in Malayalam Film Industry: Classmates
    Hero of the movie: Prithviraj

    Also I wrote:

    Every comment I have read here says Prithviraj is promising actor. No one has said he is equal or a replacement for superstars yet.

    Looks like you have problems comprehending this simple statement.

  13. (Out of context to the posting; still..)
    I think Classmates as the biggest hit in Malayalam is debatable. Certainly, it was heading to be so but I do not think there has been any solid confirmation from any ‘authority’. In fact, the time for that has come only now, when it has played and gone from B and C centres as well. Does anyone has any valid figures for the collections of Rajamanickyam and Classmates?

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