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Vishu 2007 Preview : Vinodayatra



While people gloat about the positive things about Kerala like high life expectancy and literacy rate, there ignore many negativities on the social and economic front. For example, Malayalees are one of the biggest drunkards in India and also lead the nation in the number of suicides.  Though we have high literacy, we need to leave the state to find work and we blame everyone else for our problems, but ourselves.

Priyadarshan’s Varavelpu showed how militant trade unions can bring down an employer and Mithunam told the travails of an enterpreuner. Srinivasan’s Chintavishtayaya Shyamala showed the dark side of a man who did not want to work or take responsibility. Through dark humor such movies showed the mirror back to the society, but these films have not caused any change in society and we have hartals on every day that ends in “Day”.

Still the topic of “Malayali attitude” is a perennial source of ideas and that is what Sathyan Anthikkad is analyzing in his next movie which has Dileep, Meera Jasmine and Mukesh.

The film takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the lackadaisical attitude of Malayali youngsters who hanker for a white collar job and aimlessly waste time on endless debates and discussions on every topic under the sun. The film shows how situations and people finally bring about a change in his outlook. “Vinod, played by Dileep, belongs to a class of youngsters who can be found all over Kerala. They want everything easy but will not make the effort to achieve their goals. They would rather criticise and condemn instead of lifting a finger or applying their minds to find a solution,” explains Sathyan.

Vinod comes as a bolt from the blue into Shaji’s peaceful household. He lands Shaji into all kinds of embarrassing situations. Throwing light on his character Dileep says, “We can find many such Vinods today. A chap who wonders why he fails to achieve his goals. He criticises everything around him but finds no fault in him.[In search of a goal

After big-yawn movies like Rasatanthram, Sathyan is doing something which looks meaningful, at least on paper. This movie also brings Mukesh and Dileep together after a gap of 12 years, which obviously cannot be the unique selling point of the movie. What is interesting though for the viewer is the fact that both Mukesh and Dileep, both known for doing comedy effortlessly, is acting in lead roles in a movie by one of the best directors of the comedy genre. Meera Jasmine gets a hatrick here, being selected to act in Satyan’s movie as heroine 3rd consecutive time and Satyan has Ilayaraja as music director again.

Movie is planned as a Vishu release and will hit the theatres on April 4th.

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  1. I wonder if Sathyan is stuck in a time wrap. Rasathandram was a movie of the 80’s and no this story line.
    Youth of today doesn’t belong to the category “want everything easy but will not make the effort to achieve their goals”. It seems more appropriate for youth one generation back. Today’s youth are more like ‘lost hope in Kerala and flying out’.
    Don’t know if he can make it somewhat contemporary like Achuvinte Amma

  2. I use to watch the filims of sathyan anthikad.His filims are entertainment,centiments and comedies.I hope his new filim “vinodayatra” will also be a same catageory where I mentioned above.
    The songs are good one.The famous music director illayaraja also came with his previous rasathanthram,achuvinteamma and mansinnakerre songs tunes.

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