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Muktha: On Nayantara’s Path


Recently the rule for heroines was like this: Act in a few Malayalam movies when you are in school, and by the time you reach college you find that you get peanuts for salary and the best offer you can get is as the inconsequential heroine of Prithviraj or Dileep. Then you jump to Tamil movies and if possible to Telugu. Then once in a while, when Mahabali visits Kerala for Onam, tag along with him and act in a few movies so that your parents and friends don’t forget you. Gopika and Bhavana are examples of this.

Now things have changed. Heroines don’t even wait to establish themselves in Malayalam. Mukta George caught everyones attention playing the role of Lisamma in the heart wrenching film Achanurangatha Veedu and before trying her luck in other Malayalam movies, has moved into Tamil. She is now Bhanu and is the heroine of the new film Thaamirabharani‘ directed by Hari of Sami. She has also acted in a Telugu movie named Photo.

Apparently some people think she looks like another Kerala export, Nayantara.

“Many people have told me that, but she is very different from me. I will work hard towards making a name for myself.” [Nayantara and I are different – Bhanu ]

Looking at the pictures of Thaamirabharani and Photo, Mukta seems to be following the illustrious path carved by her predecessor Nayantara, who did not have any constraints on the type of dresses to be worn. Like Nayantara she too is ambitious.

I am even more eager to act with Rajini sir. Now the seats of the 2 dream girls Simran and Jyotika are vacant. I would like to occupy that seat,” she says with dreams in her eyes. [Nayantara and I are different – Bhanu ]

We get lot of hits on our website for Nayantara, but they are mostly for her pictures with Simbu. We hope Mukta/Bhanu, who is now filming for Director Kamal’s Goal, will be known more for her acting.


  1. Looks bitchy. And I think she looks more like Abhiraami than Nayan. 🙂 I was wondering looking at the posters of Thaamira Bharani who the heroine is.

    My honest opinion is, she has the looks of a mallu porn heroine, I dont think she will last long. 😀

  2. Jo, So when someone writes nasty comments about Pakistanis you are upset because it is generalization, but you find it alright to call Mukta bitchy and make other nasty comments because of what? specialization?

  3. Jibs,

    My comment on Muktha was not generalization. I didn’t say all actresses are bitches just because I think Mukhtha “looks” bitchy. It’s not like generalizing the whole people in a country just because a few of them are terrorists.

    [Edited for family friendliness]

  4. Maybe Jo needs to see less mallu porn movies so that every heroine doesn’t look like a Maria or Shakeela for him. The Admin of the site needs to be more judicious when allowing these kindof nasty personal remarks to appear on the comments.

  5. She definitely wont go far in tamil…..

  6. She doesn’t look good…May be end up as a third rated herione….

  7. Mukta Elsa George in tamil, “Tamiraparani” her style is wonderful. She act like this style is very much fantastic. We never seen like muktha, she is beautiful and good stylish girl. She is naturally good looking, smiling and also acting. We deside to watch the next film is “Rasigar Mandram”. The only reason to watch this film is banu’s clone is fantastic and she do dance more in this film that i seen in trailler. We prayed that Muktha Elsa george’s life runs happily very happily in future very very… happily

  8. Muktha is really beautiful. Her movements, smile represents actress Rambha who ruled Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood. But however she should be more selective in chosing films especially in Tamil.I think if she get good offers she can definitely overtake Nayantara.

  9. Bhanu may not be so beautiful for cinema standards. But her expressions are excellent. Last scene, airport scene and hospital scene in Thambaraparni are examples.So natural . She is having expressions of Sandhya(Kaadal fame).Her role as glamorous may be limited but she is excellent actor.
    if she gets an opputunity to act in deep love story, she will exibit a lot.
    Hari only derived her a bit , since film is action movie

  10. This girl is only 14 years old. Told in an interview that she is limiting the movies for one year, since the SSLC exam comes in the next year…

    Anyway good parenting.

  11. I have not seen her Tamil movies, but she was good in Achanurangatha Veedu. Hopefully she will get some good Malayalam movies so long as she is willing to act with the older men.

  12. She is good actress.don’t like glamorous roll.

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