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A silly, insipid Rediff article


Shobha Warrier of Rediff, who usually writes decent articles has come up with an article filled with speculation, guess work and use of vivid imagination. She wonders why would Mammotty, the winner of 3 National Awards and 7 State Awards act in silly and commercial films?

The answer, Shobha, is that he is an actor. He never said that he will act only in Award Winning artistic movies. As an actor you have to act in all types of roles, all way from Mathilukal to Mayavi. The fact that he won so many awards should not be held against him and should not restrict him to the kind of movies he does. Going by your logic, Yesudas should not be singing songs like Padakali, and Chitra should not be singing Penne Penne from Meesa Madhavan.

We are not big fans of his movies like Rajamanikyam or Thuruppugulan and we probably would make fun of his dancing abilities, but we would not suggest what he should do.

Mammotty’s latest movie, Mayavi is a success and so Shobha concludes that he has given up on meaningful cinema. Actually we would like to know what “meaningful cinema” is, but let us take a big assumption here and make a statement that she probably means non-Mayavi type movies. Actually Shobha could have looked at the line up of Mammotty’s movies for 2007 and she would have seen Ore Kadal by Shyama Prasad and Pazhassi Raja to be directed by Hariharan and written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair. But then if you have already made a judgement what can a few facts do to alter that?

Then comes the killer statement.

The fact that he lost to Prithviraj for Best Actor may have contributed to this decision. Many were shocked when an ‘enlightened’ jury of the Kerala State film awards committee chose to give the award to Prithviraj for Vaasthavam while ignoring Mammootty’s roles in Karutha Pakshikal, Kaiyoppu and Palunku.

The 2006 State Awards were declared last week and so within the past five days did Mammotty inform Shobha Warrier that he is giving up “meaningful” cinema? Also if you look at the 2006 State Awards, it is not that Mammotty “lost” to Prithviraj. As we have discussed, Mammotty, Murali and Suresh Gopi were not considered for the awards because some aliens beamed plasma rays into the brains of the jury. So Prithviraj was essentially competing against Sreenivasan, not Mammotty.

We hope the editors of Rediff will stop Ms. Warrier from publishing fiction in the name of journalism.


  1. Nice one. I had already stopped reading stupid rediff articles. They just want to sensationalize each news and get maximum mileage out of it. e.g, the day when Kaveri verdict was out, there was an artcile which was very proactive and spreads tension among two states. Rediff is not for serious readers.

    I really liked the way how VC found the communication between shoba and mammootty soon after awards.

    keep going!

  2. The article is thoughtful and well written. An actor shouldn’t choose roles keeping only awards in mind.

  3. Why not – it’s all about rewards – either monetary or in the form of awards and accolades. And awards could be a recognition of an actor’s talents. After all these guys are not saints, they are in this business for ‘rewards’.

  4. Most of this article is a cut copy paste of portions of what I have written in Rediff

  5. There are dumb criminals and there are dumb plagiarists. Our first plagiarist, who is from Connecticut, USA, not only copied our article and pasted it in Rediff, but also left a comment here saying that we copied his article.

    Mr. dondev apparently who is a single person uses the plural while writing articles because he forgot to change the text while cutting and pasting. If he was a good plagiarist, he would have changed “We are not big fans” to “I am not a big fan”. He also made another big boo boo. In our original article we wrote “As we have discussed, Mammotty, Murali and Suresh Gopi were not considered for the awards” and it had the link to the original discussion on the 2006 State Awards here. Mr. dondev forgot to change it. Now his readers are wondering, where did this discussion happen?

    So Mr. dondev, thanks for letting us know that you cannot write a single original line of text. Next time when you copy, at least try to change the text.

  6. Rightly said. I am eagerly waiting to see the coming back combo of Mammootty-MT-Hariharan and the new combo of Mammootty-Shyamaprasad.

  7. Rediff on a whole has been on a steady downhill track for a while now. Most of their articles try to be sensational and are of inferior quality

  8. ridiculous article from Shobha Warrior…but the funniest thing was Mr dondev :-)))

  9. With the diligence of Sethurama Iyer, you found that this has been copied TO rediff not FROM REDIFF

    Well here are the facts

    * Shobha Warrier’s article published on Rediff on Feb 16.
    * I post my comments on Feb 20. The whole world knows that websites do moderation of the comments posted against their articles to avoid spam.
    * My post after moderation appears on Feb 21 morning India time.
    * A copy of the same is made and appears as an article in your website later on the same day US time.

    Howzzat folks???? Can you disprove that? Where are the proofs that you published the article first ? Do you have any proof to concretely dispute the above facts?

    PS: You can block some of the people some of the time, not all of the people all of the time. Do a better job next time. Adios!

  10. Vishnu, dondev,

    Here are some more facts

    * We posted our article on Feb 20, 4:56 PM PST (Feb 21, 6:26 AM IST) – look at the time stamp on the article. And you copied it on Feb 21 at 9:24 AM IST.

    * Rediff does not do comment moderation.

    In your exuberance you forgot to answer the previous questions we had:

    * Why do you write in plural?

    * In your comment posted on Rediff, you write “As we have discussed, Mammotty, Murali and Suresh Gopi were not considered for the awards”. Where did “We” discuss this?

    PS: Thanks for over-zealously posting the comment from your office. Now we know who you are since we have the past one year of communications posted from that IP Address.

    You are really funny and sensitive!  

  11. VC, please name that person. we are just curious…

  12. Athul,
    We are planning to have contest soon, to name this guy. Winner would get a big cash award and a trip to this guy’s office.

  13. Sobha warrier is a family friend of Suresh Balaji .She doesn’t know much about Malayalam movies.Felt like she want to degrade Mammootty’s attempt to act in good movies like Karutha pakshikal and Kayyoppu.She has written a lot about Thanmathra and she gave a lot of publicity to that movie.Rediff has selected Thanmathra as the best Malayalam movie for both 2006 and 2007!!!

  14. kudos buddy…
    U said it right… we or Ms. Sobha are not the people to decide whether mammooty should act in a particular film or not…!

  15. Hei… seen the comment of dondev here.. we the bloggers were protesting against plagiarism today… waana share the link to you people there in “VC”..


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