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We have new guest contributor for Varnachitram – Velu Nair.  Velu has always enthralled us with his reviews, they are a treat to read. Now, we are privileged to have Velu commenting on 2006 Kerala Film awards in Varnachitram.

The announcement of the Kerala State Film Awards 2006 has left an entire state and scores of Malayalis across the world, literally open mouthed, gaping in disbelief. Having touched the baselines of nonsensicality, this horrid proclamation has brought along with it a plethora of queries that badly need to be addressed.  

As one of those innumerable cine goers in the state who must have got the opportunity to watch both Vasthavam & Karutha Pakshikal, I would not even dare attempt to make an exhaustive analysis of the display of histrionics by its lead actors. Because it serves no sense masking the obvious as has been done through the verdict and the results are there for all to see. But what irks me immensely is the totally irrational justifications put across by the jury, graciously supporting ‘fresh talent’, and there by choosing to ignore the stupendous performance by an actor who had in the past won innumerable awards and accolades, never ever realizing that these would be placed on board against him one fine morning by a bunch of divergent thinkers. Having won a National Award has out of the blue turned out to be a disqualification for winning a State Award, folks! To hell with creativity, long live absurdity, what say Sirs?!!  

Urvashi has been reportedly engaged in a fierce tussle with Khushboo for the Best Actress award, but ended up winning it because of a ‘comical depiction of a role that lasted for two and a half hours’! Gawd!! Had Renjith ever realized this very valid point, would he have added a few droll lines in his script that would have added the much needed witty element in his heroine’s performance, and which in turn would have ended up as an honor in her kitty. But of course, it would be sheer foolhardiness to expect him to engage in such sublime levels of thinking, as is solely feasible for the esteemed jury members.  

I am yet to see Tantra, though the few awards that it has managed to grab, has increased my interest in the film from minimal to inquisitive. That the film that has been languishing in the cans for about an year now has suddenly been released on the very same day as the Film Awards has been announced should of course be just a coincidence!! And we do know that if there was one thing that was lacking in the army flick Keerthichakra, it was a taut script. Major Ravi must have got the supreme surprise shock of his entire life, with that Best Script Writer honor, for sure!!  

Jack Nicholson, three time Academy Award winner (and hence disqualified for Kerala State Film Awards) and one of Maxim’s Top 10 Living Legends of Sex, is the man who would be running for cover (factually) if he ever gets to hear the debate surrounding the moral ramifications of the personal lives of actors, as has been prudently pointed out by the jury. Which was why Jagathy Sreekumar was shorn of a much deserving Supporting Actor Award this year, and it might soon become the order of the day, when cine artistes might be asked to fill up a Personal Performa before they would even be considered for nominations of any kind. After all, morality is something that just cannot be ignored by a Jury who’s out there to judge acting skills.

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Author: Velu

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  1. It looks like everybody is outraged except the jury over the state film awards. In my view statistically ninety percent of malyalam films (please correct me) are starred by M&M (as this forum refers) so probability of one of them getting a best actor award is equally likely year after year. Since the outcome is predictable it becomes what may be called “jury boredom”. Somehow the jury felt it necessary to break the spell and bestowed this actor with the award.

    But hey I can’t say the same thing about the Army Captain getting script writing award, it shows the degradation of decorum in “mallu tinsel town”.

  2. Velu, I can understand how hurt you are. I had read your review about Vasthavam and immediately realized you didnt find much in it to appreciate Prithviraj’s acting though other reviewers had a different story to say. When you say across the state, i know several people across the state who are happy with Prithviraj getting the award.

    When has Awards always gone to the best actor/director/etc, etc??? Manoj Shyamalan didnt win the Best Director Oscar for obvious reasons, for that matter never did Thilakan or Oduvil. Even Mohanlal who deserved the Best Actor National Award lost it to Mammooty in 1989. Even today it is Lal’s role in Kireedom that is remembered while Vadakkan Veera Gatha is considered a classic. So what i meant to say is a jury is made up of people like us, those with different tastes, motivations, etc.

    Why dont you accept it…the decision to give Prithvi the Best Actor award wasnt as atrocious as you would make us believe…his understated acting in Vasthavam was a real treat. Though i agree with you on Urvashi, more than Khushboo it was Padmapriya with two good performances in Vadakkumnathan and Karuthapakshikal who deserved the Best Actor Award.

  3. Prem,

    I do honor your opinion, but have to point out that your statement regarding my review of Vasthavam is slightly wayward.

    “you didnt find much in it to appreciate Prithviraj’s acting”

    If you had taken some time to give it a thought, you could have seen that I havent for a moment expressed my doubts regarding Prithvi’s acting potentials. I had serious issues with Vasthavam as a film, and not Prithvi as an actor. And neither am I trying to run down his performance; in fact I have suffered through unutterable atrocities like Pakal and Avan Chandyude Makan, just to see the young, promising actor in action.

    But somehow it doesnt make sense to me say that just because Prithvi (read new talent) gave a career best performance in Vasthavam (which I refuse to accept; he was immensely better in several other flicks) it gives a jury the right to degrade another performance, thats miles and miles ahead.

    And no, I would still vote for Khushboo as the best actress, for the kind of sensitivity that she lent to Padma. The nuances of her portrayal cannot just be brushed aside for petty reasons as have been pointed out.

  4. Velu,

    Glad to see you’re writing for VC.

    I agree with your thoughts here about the awards.

  5. I completely agree with Velu..This year’s award committee itself is a big joke and many of their comments are so baseless.If they can’t give Mammootty or Murali the best actor’s award,how can they give award to Urvashi (who already got three state awards) .Moreover her performance in Madhuchandralekha is so bad .

  6. The criteria behind this awards are totally foolish. Here are the reasons: (1) Prithvi did his best in “Vasthavam” and he should get award if he is better than other actors. Rajeevkumar should openly say that they gave award to Prithvi because his acting was better than others. Instead of this he insulted Prithvi by commenting that they didn’t compare him with other actors. So technically and logically this decision is bad.
    (2) The encouragement factor: Do you think awards are for encouragement?
    Never… is your foolishness to think that awards are for encouragement. Awards are certificates of a finished work or performance. The committee is accepting your excellence in performance. Everyone knows you have talent, but you don’t have anything to show, then how can an intelligent jury give you an award?
    How can you say that jury should give me award because I am young, I have talent and I have a good future…I need encouragement etc… Will they stop giving awards to Adoor Gopalakrishnan from here onwards? Its just like asking Sachin Tendulkar not to score runs for giving chances to new comer Uthappa…. Its just like asking P T Usha to run slowly to give the medal to another athlete!

    (3) What did the jury mean by second best actor/actress? Logically second position means the position just after first position. In the final round there were only Prithvi and Sreeni. Prithvi got Best actor award. So naturally Sreeni is the second best actor. But they gave award to Saikumar. What is the basis of this selection? Do the second best actor act in different style to get this award?

    Same thing happened in the case of actress. In the final there were only Urvashi and Khushboo.. Urvashi got the award…and naturally Khushboo is the second best…. But they gave award to Padma… They have to announce the parameters they have used to give this award.

    (4) How can they give awards to Prithvi and Urvashi at the same time?
    They gave award to Prithvi for encouragement. So they should take the same criteria for actress also. They should give encouragement to Padma for “Karutha Pakshikal” or Sindhu Menon for “Puli janmam”.
    They gave award to Urvashi. She is an established actress. And it was a average or below average performance by Urvashi. Rajeevkumar openly said that they didn’t see any better performance from Mammootty or Lal this year compared to their old performances. Same principle should apply for Urvashi also… Do they think her performance in this year is better than her old performances ?

    It clearly shows their double standard……….. The government should stop this kind awards or should select knowledgeable people as Jury members.

  7. I can see lot of people are irked by giving away the award to Pritviraj. Nowadays winning an award is not only about giving strong performance, but also your ability to make an impact on jury. Consider recent national awards. I couldnt even imagine, Saif Ali Khan winning best actor award(that too for Hum Tum), but we have to live with it, then thats our system.

    But in the case of Pritvi, I have a soft corner for this guy. It is not a secret that he has very few friends inside film fraternity, and this chap was long way fighting for his case. And this unofficial ban was not be cause of his lack of talent. There was none to cry foul when he was suffering because of this isolation. When he is getting his second recognition (I would consider classmates as his first recognition) the same people are making a fuzz all over. Eventhough I was expecting Mammootty to get award this time, I am more than happy to hear the final result. After all, no one can give the award satisfying everyone.

  8. I have seen neither Vaasthavam, nor any of Mammootty’s movies under contention here. Have seen ‘KC’ and ‘Vadakkumnathan’ though, and those were certainly not award-worthy performances.

    IMO its high time both Mammotty and Mohanlal stopped participating in the state awards race, like Yesudas , Lata Mangeshkar, Kamal Hassan (Filmfare) etc have. But until they do, I guess all this ruckus will continue.

    Urvasi certainly did not deserve this award, that much I can say for sure. I had the misfortune of seeing that horrible movie in a theatre, and have sworn over all Rajasenan movies hereafter. This was surely one of her worst performances!

  9. Ranjit, I don’t see 2 of Kerala’s super stars giving up claims on awards as long as both of them are fiercely competing against each other. Getting more and more trophies is part of the competition.

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