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2006 – Kerala state awards


Kerala State Film Awards for 2006 has been announced by a jury with Director T.K.Rajeev Kumar as the chairman

Category Winner
Best Film Drishtantham(Director – M.P.Sukumaran Nair)
Best Director Lenin Rajendran(Movie – Rathri Mazha)
Best Actor Prithviraj (Vasthavam)
Best Actress Urvasi (Madhuchandralekha)
Acting – Special Mention by Jury Khusboo(Kaiyoppu)
Best Actor(Runner Up) Sai Kumar (Ananda Bhairavi)
Best Actress(Runner Up) Padmapriya (Karutha Pakshigal, Yes Your Honour)
Best Film (Runner Up) Notebook (Roshan Andrews)
Popular Movie Classmates
Best Screenplay Major Ravi(Keerthichakra)
Best Story James Albert (Classmates)
Best Song Writer Prabha Varma(Out of Sylabus)
Best Music Director Ramesh Narayanan (Rathri Mazha)
Best Male Singer Srinivas (Rathri Mazha)
Best Female Singer Sujatha (Rathri Mazha)
Best Background score Passion(Tantra)
Best Editing L.Bhoominathan(Vaasthavam)
Best Cinematography Manoj Pillai(Kaiyoppu)
Best Debut Director Avira Rebecca(Thakara Chenda)
Best Child Actor Master Mani(Photographer),Baby Malavika(Karutha Pakshigal)
Best Art Direction Gopidasan (Tantra)
Best Dubbing artist Rimi Mariam George
Best Sound Recording Hari Kumar(Drushtantham)
Best Dance Direction Madhu Gopinath, Saji Vakkom
Best Lab Gemini Color Lab
Best Makeup Artist Pattanam Sha(Puli Janmam)
Best Costume Design B. Sai(Notebook)
Best Short Film Bhoomikkoru Charam geetham(Dr.Jolly Zachariah)
Best Documentary Minukku(Director-M.R.Rajan)
Special Jury Mention Sreenivasan(Thakarachenda)
Special Jury Mention Madhu Kaithapram(Director, Ekantham)
Best Writing on Cinema N.P.Sajeesh
Best Book on Cinema P.G.Sadanandan(Cinemayude Neethisaram),M.F.Thomas(Adoorinte Chalachitra Yatrakal)


  1. Sajeesh has got Award for best writing on cinema & not for book

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  3. Nice blog.
    You are doing a great job.
    I am linking you.
    Is that alright?

  4. I just dont understand why they are hell bent on making the whole thing a farce, by coming up with the ‘Special Mention Prizes’!! Come on, theres the Best Actor, best supporting actor, and the actor worth the special mention!! Surely it cudnt get sillier than this???

  5. Velu,

    I dont think its a farce. I think special catagory is just a nice way to say second best. Suppose it was a closely contested and the winner was just marginally ahead, the jury might feel that the runner-up also need a mention.

    I will tell you what is a farce, that is giving awards like best actor in comic role, best actor in negative role, character role etc.. Here its implied that the best actor award can go only to the “hero”.

  6. The judges were heard saying that awards for Mammootty and Mohanlal (and other senior artists) were not given because they had won a lot earlier and youngsters should be given their due. I thought this is like asking Roger Federer to play in tournaments but not accept the trophies!

  7. Ramesh, Mammootty in Palunku is not extra ordinary.
    Mohanlal in Keertichakra is not the best of the year.
    Mammootty in Kayyoppu – There is nothing great to perform in the character. A simple character, and mammootty did it in perfection.
    Mammootty in KP && Lal in VadakkumNathan – We had seen similar mammootty and lal in other movies as well. They were perfect. I should give 95/100.
    Pritwi in Vasthavam – I surely believe that it is his career best. I will give 95/100 to him. He has portrayed simplenes, romance. -ve shades, villionism etc in perfection.
    So in my observation all three main candidates are having same mark. As Ms were the best student in the class and Pritvi also had scored same mark, as a teacher I may give a special attention to Pritvi. As an encouraging to that student…

    The same Jury has done here. We should accept it. Whatz wrong in that???

  8. Ramesh, What would you say about Murali’s performance in Pulijanmam… Wont that be another 95/100??????

  9. Vijay,

    Actually I couldnt see any of Lal’s and Mammootty’s (except for Vadakkumnathan) movies, so cant really compare it with Pritvi (again, I havent seen Vasthavam too). I think Pritviraj is shaping up well and is a real prospect. All I wanted to bring forth was the Jury’s attitude of not awarding seniors just because they won lots earlier. That I think is not the right way.

    Also, I had seen Vasthavam trailers and found that Pritvi spoke perfect south kerala accent, when the character is from Adiga community (they speak half Kannada and the balance is split between Tulu and Malayalam). Any person who knows how an (extreme) North Keralite speak can only laugh at it. Isn’t that a big drawback (or inefficiency) for him as an actor?

  10. What is wrong with giving Prithvi the award. Considering his age and the immense ability he has shown in the movie he deserve it. You just cannot equete with roger federer or anything. It is wonderful to know the merit of the award when you consider the experiance shown by each charactors and actors. For Mammoo or Lal it is a cake walk, but for an actor like Prithvi it is sheer ability to develop the charector in to that level.

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  12. Boss,
    I have seen all the above mentioned films….including Vaasthavam,the most discussed one…vadakkumnathan,Palunku,Kaiyoppu etc…
    Frankly speaking,I didn’t understand how did prithvi get an award for his acting in Vaasthavam..He didn’t do anything unusual..nothing better than mammootty ,mohanlal or murali(I didn’t see Pulijanmam)..The copmments like He is a we have to motivate him by giving awards..Then we should think about the same in all fields..Why are we giving awards to guys like T V Chandran,Adoor,Lenin rajendran..Why dont u consider newcomers in that field also?…I was shocked to see that they didn’t consider Ravindran for awards..Really horrible….I want to see rathrimazha?..What is really there in that film?….
    To the Jury: You guys have to improve …Don’t think that if thre is enough silence in the film,some five minutes gap between dialogues and all,don’t think that it is an art film and should be considered for awards and all others are pure entertainers…Such films have a lot of values than many of those crap art films(You call).I am not saying that art films are always crap,But mostly it comes out like that only……

  13. What is this? Pritviraj’s fans association! Get a life people, one of the worst new comer to the malayalam industry, other than his good looks and height.

  14. Sono, Looks like you have read just the selected comments of this post and nothing else in this site.

  15. Dear Sono iam not a Prithviraj fan as such;still i like him as an actor.The best actor award was not a fair deal i agree.But before calling him “worst among the newcomers” can u please tell any other new comer who has shown any more promise than him?.And i expect an answer for this.
    Iam not telling that he is a great actor or a future star,but the others who satrted their career along with him in the early 2000s are now nowhere.So their must be something in him.

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