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Review Roundup : Mayavi


With the releases of Karutha Pakshigal, Palunku and Kayoppu the film publications were writing about the return of prodigal son,[tag]Mammootty[/tag]. With Mayavi, the talk about the prodigal son’s return seems to be premature. Reviewers verdict vary from dismal failure to racy entertainer.

Paresh Palicha of

After doing a few offbeat roles in last four months, Mammootty is back with the Malayalam film, Mayavi. Directed by Shafi, this film has all the ingredients — comedy, action, and dance — to make a masala hit. But it fails dismally.

Rafi-Mecartin’s script creates a story around a character Mahi (Mammootty), who goes to jail for money by owning up to crimes he did not commit. Mahi is the sort of person who beats up people in the dark without revealing his identity, thus earning him the name of Mayavi.

After agreeing to take the flak for a yet-to-be committed murder, to pay for the surgery of a friend’s brother, the complicated movie goes on to test the endurance of the viewers.

India Glitz comments:

Given this script to make a film with a Superstar, very few would have attempted to make a try. But, Shafi the young director, has gone all out to deliver a good entertainer. The story which has series of staccato, punctuated episodes and incidents about folk living around a harbor, the film’s success lies in no over stretching, which make it run through with enough meat, in flashy and racy narratives.

The film which mark the return of Mammootty into mainstream cinema after doing offbeat ventures for the last few months, is not surprisingly, greeted with celebration by this fan followers. And Shafi who very well expected this to happen has packed this film with all the masala ingredients — comedy, action, and dance — to make a definite hit. says:

Mammootty is back as a mass masala hero in Mayavi, where he plays wildly to the galleries. Director Shafi has evolved as our new comedy king, taking off where Priyadarsan left the last laugh. Remember, that Mammooka and [tag]Shafi[/tag] are a hit pair, as their last outing together was the immensely enjoyable Thommanum Makkalum.

Once again the duo is able to churn out a light hearted entertainer that suitably tickles the funny bone. Actually it is Mammooty’s best knockout comedy since Rajamanickam! It is a bit of Daredevil and Mask put together, but the madness works.

Mahendran or Mahi (Mammootty) is a do-gooder and the saviour of the needy. At the same time he does Irutadi to the anti-socials and scum of the earth in the darkness of the night, masquerading under the name of “Mayavi”! Nobody knows who this avenging angel is, but it creates a halo around our local Superman. is pleased with Mayavi:

Mammootty has done an excellent job as Mahe alias Mayavi. Coming as it does after three serious films from the star, (Karuththapakshikal, Palunku and Kayyoppu), Mayavi is a welcome change for fans of the talented actor. He has proved once again that he can handle all kinds of roles with ease. The way he delivers his dialogues and the timing he shows as far as comedy is concerned helps him to morph into the character of Mayavi.

Gopika as Indu forms an excellent pair to Mammookka and does her part too perfectly well. Manoj K. Jayan as Balan is OK. Venjaramoodu Suraaj as Giri and Salim Kumar as Kannan Shrank play an important role in taking the film forward and provide good comedy. Vijayaraghavan as Thottappilly Surendran and Saikumar as Aranimuttam Sivasankaran are their usual selves. Manikuttan as Satheesh doesn’t have much to do. Others in the cast are passable.

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