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Mammootty and his screen mothers

[tag]Mammotty[/tag] the actor continues to amuse and amaze us with his histrionics – one moment he is the budding dancer trodding on a 8 year old’s foot in Thuruppugulan and the next moment hes doing poignant roles in Karuthapakshikal and Palunku. It is no secret that our mega star has a penchant for young heroines – be it Baby Shyamili as sister in Harikrishnans, [tag]Gopika[/tag] in Pothen Vava, Katrina Kaif in Freddy vs Jason and now [tag]Meera Jasmine[/tag] in Ore Kadal. Rumors has it that he gives the producer maximum headache when it comes to heroine selection and his costumes (read silk shirt, Raybans, Reid&Taylor suits).

Of late he has had another of his fancies. He decides on his screen mothers also. While Mohan Lal, [tag]Dileep[/tag] and [tag]Suresh Gopi[/tag] go for the “traditional” mothers – Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Sukumari etc, Mammotty is quite different. He brought in Bindu Panikker (a person much younger than him), as his mother for Bus Conductor, Sarada for Rappakal, Usha Uthup (who must be the same age as him) for Pothen Vava and now Nafisa Ali for Big B.

Except for Bindu Panikker, the others are famous all over India. Usha Uthup endeared to us by her husky voice praising Keralam, Kochi (minus its mosquitos) etc. Sarada, even being a Telugu, was one of the finest Malayalm heroines of the yester years [tag]Nafisa Ali[/tag] was a former Miss India and model. Incidentally she was the original Big B’s heroine in Major Saab.

Usha Uthup- Mammotty combination, even though a bit different, did not particularly help Pothan Vava. It remains to be seen if Nafisa Ali can do any magic with this duplicate Big B.


  1. “It is no secret that our mega star has a penchant for young heroines”;
    A very loaded statement – what exactly are you accusing?

  2. In this article, the author says that Mammotty has a penchant for young heroines. Now it would have made sense, if he made a statement like currently most heroines in Malayalam are young and most heroes like Mohanlal, Mammotty, Sures Gopi, Jayaram etc are atleast twice or thrice their age. So then you have to wonder why this author would selectively single out Mammotty when it known that Bhavana who is probably in her late teens or early twenties was the heroine of Mohanlal in Naran and Jayaram in the unreleased Winter.

    I am curious why the author left out such facts. Is that intentional or accidental. I have seen previous tones of condescension in his articles like calling Dileep an upcoming mimicry artiste which was not very tasteful. I would request the editors of VC to enforce stricter guidelines to their guest authors and not allow them to peddle such mediocre articles.

  3. Srini/Achu – Penchant for young heroines does not in anyway imply that Mammotty is a lecherous star. It means that he has a say in casting his young heroines which is by no means a wrong statement.

    Its sad that you read between the lines.

    Now for the other accusations

    – If you read the title of the article its about screen mothers and not screen heroines. When has any of the other actors mentioned cast younger people as screen mothers.

    – I dont think I need to explain why I addressed Dileep as such. You just need to see any of his recent movies – Inspector Garud being the latest.

  4. Whoa! I thought the heroine of Harikrishnans was Juhi Chawla, but it turns out Baby Shyamili, the sister, is the heroine according to this article.

  5. Jibs – Wow. ‘Baby Shyamili as sister in Harikrishnans”. Shes definitely got as much footage as Juhi

  6. Just wanted to clairfy one thing – The article is meant to be about Mammotty and his pairs/mother.

    By this I certainly am not advocating that all other people (read Jayaram, Mohan Lal, Suresh Gopi) are “purists” in terms of casting. Lal had (Baby) Sonia in Thenmavanin Kombathu and Bhavana as one of the heroines in Naran and also Meera Jasmine in Rasathantram. Jayaram has Bhavana in Winter.

  7. Unni – Do you mean to say that as Mammootty is over the hill he should not even have a young sister in the story? Let’s take Harikrishnan’s -how do you know if selection of Shyamili was not Mohanlal’s choice?

  8. Oh so heroine as per your definition is any female who gets more screen time than any other female in the movie. So in Boeing Boeing, Sukumari would be the heroine, in Rapakal, Sharada would be the heroine. Such great insights!

  9. Unni, Why don’t you update the article with that para given below. You give an impression that only Mammotty is acting with child actresses. Adding this will make things clear.
    By this I certainly am not advocating that all other people (read Jayaram, Mohan Lal, Suresh Gopi) are “purists” in terms of casting. Lal had (Baby) Sonia in Thenmavanin Kombathu and Bhavana as one of the heroines in Naran and also Meera Jasmine in Rasathantram. Jayaram has Bhavana in Winter.

  10. Srini If you wish to believe that you can

    Jibs – Your comments are no more meaningful than calling a tiger a table because both have 4 legs. Please try to comment in the context of the article.

    Srini and Jibs If you feel you so aggrieved by this article, I request you to put your arguments as another article which Im sure the VC editors would be more than happy to publish.
    VC would also get more contributors that way.

    You can agree/disagree with what I have written.

  11. I am not good in writing articles like you as I dont have such great insights and desire
    to insult actors. Also I don’t think this article is so great that it requires a followup
    article, this discussion in the comments is enough, I just wanted to point out that you
    had a written a mean and pointless article.

  12. It was you who mentioned Shyamali as one of the heroines. It was you who mentioned that the criteria for heroine is footage. So when I come up with an example, based on your criteria, you say table, tiger. It is in the context of your first paragraph which deals with heroines and so why are you asking to be in context? This is the context created by your article and the comments you wrote following it up.

    Since you wrote the article, you have an obligation to site sources and clarify questions. You randomly stated that Mammotty wanted Shyamili as his sister without any proof. Since you don’t have any proof for it, will you modify the article, remove that line and apologize for the mistake?

  13. The article says “Mammotty decides the screen moms”. I could not find a single article which says that Mammotty selected Nafisa Ali to be his mom. The only article I saw was this
    which says “Amal Nirad was able to convince Nafisa to play the role of Mary”.

    In the case of Balram I remember reading that Mammotty called up Katrina Kaif. Here no such thing has happened.

    Unni, where do you get your facts from?

  14. Unni,

    By now, I can see that you’re a die-hard Mohan Lal fan. 🙂

    I think you cannot blame Srini for reading between the lines – eg. your statement starting with it is no secret that our mega star has a penchant for young heroines – be it Baby Shyamili as sister in Harikrishnans. It is also pitiful to read your answer to Jibs as well. Do you still say that Baby Shyamili was the heroine in “Harikrishnans” and particularly because of Mammootty? And Shyamili acting as his sister shows his penchant for young heroines

    Also when we talk about the young heroines, hasn’t the same thing also happened with Mohan Lal?

    Also could you please tell me how you got the information that Mammootty insists on his screen mothers like Saarada (is she of his same age??), Usha Uthupp, Bindu Panikker or Nafisa Ali? I have seen screen mothers of Mohan Lal other than the “traditional ones” in the movies like Narasimham, Agnidevan, Balettan, etc.

    I’m looking forward to see un-biased reviews in VC. I didn’t expect one like this from you or VC.

  15. See what Nafisa Ali has to say about Mammootty’s age here:

  16. Jo – A lot of things have been twisted out of context and been read between the lines – which is why people have come up in arms when i wrote about Shyamili. Anybody who is not unitelligent will surely understand what was meant in the context and not rave and rant about it. If you read my comments further down, you can see that Mohan Lal also has been a victim of the young-heroine syndrome. But since this article is about Mammotty and his screen-mothers it is way off topic.

    Jo – Everyone has their views. As I have confessed many times, I am a fan (as opposed to a die-hard fanatic) of Mohan Lal and good movies even which dont have him. But this does not in any way affect the way I have written over here. If you have the time, please read my reviews of crap Lal movies like Mahasamudram and honestly answer if you feel its written by a die-hard fan.

    People have preferences and am sure even you do have you likes and dislikes which I have come across in your blog as well. What I have learnt is you can please some of the people some of the time not all of the people all of the time.

    People have views. I repeat, if my intelligent critics can spend the half the time in maligning others, on contributing for VC, it would do this blog a world of good.

    Also I have noticed that a group of people try to find faults with each and everything in this board when they see something not to their liking they have driven a quite a few people away from this board and it has even went to the level of personal attacks. I havent seen any creative contribution from any of these armchair critics. Exceptions like Raphael Lazar are there – people who genuinely contribute.

    If you or any others have complaints a) you can please raise your grievances
    with the VC team as i dont run this blog b) you can ignore to read such articles

    The choice is yours. I rest my case.

  17. We are not very strict with our guest bloggers and trusted their judgements, From now, we are going to be more strict and ask for verifiable links for any stated facts.

  18. People disagreed with your facts and you could not provide any source for it. The problem is as simple as that. Then as Jo said, when people asked for clarification, you gave pitiful answers. If you cannot stand such “finding faults” as you say, maybe you should not be writing here. Saying that I will write whatever I like and it is upto you not to read it is plain arrogance.

    VC, I like the new policy. Better late than never.

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