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Review Roundup: Kanakasimhasanam


In an interview Director Rajasenan once mentioned that the best character for actor Jayaram is that of a fun loving guy who has some sadness inside him. What better way then to end this actors career than by beating this theme to death. According to the reviews the movie has nothing new and is highly predictable. So if you have never watched a Rajasenan movie, this might be for you.

Sify writes

The Rajasenan-Jayaram combo, who has given us some memorable films in the past, seems to have run out of steam. Their latest comedy Kanaka Simhasanam is a bitter pill, as story wise there is nothing new and the presentation is as old as the hills with some scenes lifted from old films.

Rajasenan has helped himself to various comedies in the same genres like His Highness Abdullah, Udayapuram Sultan among others. However the first half is tolerable but post interval the film turns predictable and is so boring that your heart goes out to Jayaram the actor who is totally wasted. But how long can a talented actor like him go on doing the same role over and over again? And Rajasenan’s direction and presentation is so stale and predictable that at a time when audiences are exposed to stylish films, such old-fashioned narration makes it terrible.

India Glitz says

As usual in the films of recent times, the story and script  by Biju Vattappara doesn’t offer anything in new and often goes to very predictable lines and cliche scenes. Even the potential of the theatre scenes to evoke laughter has not been used to needed extent. The forceful inclusion of some sequences to make slapstick comedy also backfires with null effect on the narrative. And the shoe string budget defined for the film is also evident all through the scenes in the film. The three songs by M.Jayachandran and Rajeev Akungal team have been shot in typical Rajasenan style. Sooriyano is the best of the lot choreographed on Jayaram and Lakshmi. Technical department of the movie is not much worth mentioning. To sum up, Kanakasimhasanam is a typical Rajasenan movie, providing just a time-pass stuff. And lot more, except some hard earned chuckles are seldom expected from such movies.

Now Running does not have much analysis this time

Jayaram fits into the role of Kanakambaran like a glove, while Karthika gives able support as Bharathi. Lakshmi Gopalaswami as Kanchanalakshmi too is an apt choice. Others in the cast like Janardhanan as Udaya Varma, Bheeman Raghu as Ramakrishnan, Kalasala Babu as Guru Indrasena Reddy, Geetha Salam as Rishikesha Kaimal, Venjaramoodu Suraj as Bharathi’s brother Gopalan, and Kiran Raj as Narasimhan have also done justice to their respective roles.
The songs have been shot in typical Rajasenan style. Cinematographer K.P. Nambiathiri, editor Rajamuhammed, art-director Boban – all have given him ample support. To sum up, Kanakasimhasanam is a typical Rajasenan movie that is enjoyable, provided you don’t expect anything more than the usual Rajasenan stuff.

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