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1st Anniversary Post


We started this blog about Malayalam cinema more than a year back and at the end of one year we want to pause for a moment and see where we are. We are happy to report that our online readership has increased to a scary level. This is besides the vast number of Feedblitz e-mail subscribers we have. What this means is that content published here is getting read by a large number of people, all around the world including one guy from Sudan. On our first anniversary we want to thank all our readers who have encouraged us to keep this site running. We are also grateful to our guest authors, Unni, Jo, KK and Raphel for their contributions.

So what brings people to varnachitram? What is in the mind of all those people who read what we write? Here is a snap shot of the most used search words in the past month as provided by Google Analytics. Once again we are thankful to Mamta Mohandas who beats all the superstars hands down.

On our anniversary, we want to discuss a topic which has been a bone of contention in the comment box – What ails Malayalam Cinema. This very important topic was suggested by Unni and he has written a multi part series on this topic. We also got few other folks to write articles on the topic and will be publishing the series this week starting Monday (with some scheduled breaks for review roundups). You can participate in this discussion by a) writing an article of not less than 700 words or b) discussing the articles in the comment box. Either way we hope you will join us.


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  2. Congrats on the 1st anniversary of VC. Continue the great work you guys are doing here!

  3. It is great to know VC completed it’s anniversary, lets bet on the years to come for the commitment and resolve to share views and knowledge of the Malluwood, which we all cherish the dreams of yesteryears. Lets hope things will be good again once everyone understand the problems it is currently facing, though everyone counts today only, no future talks or beliefs.
    The Best news for Malluwood is that Directors Renjith (who is on a low) will be teaming up with Prithviraj and Mamta Mohan Das in a new movies based on Celluloid and will be produced by M Ranjith of Chintamani. Lets hope it will start fresh so that big directors open the way for Gen next.
    Keep the good job VC and the great team behind it.

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  9. “What Ails Malayalam Cinema”: you did an excellent look at the state of Malayalam films.

    As quoted in the article malice is not due to dearth of stories but uninteresting visual interpretation of stories (predictable, boring and super stars!). I believe even the most formulaic idea can be made entertaining.

    In the US script writers on the average register 18,000 – 20,000 scripts with WGA (Writers Guild of America) yet we see number of horrible films coming out from Hollywood, think about a closed system like Malayalam film.

    Even some of the films reviewed in this forum as good or great I found them below average and often unwatchable.

    However the hope I see for Malayalam movies is a new generation of movie fans are coming up like this forum; who are sophisticated, demanding and have definite ideas for what a quality movie should be. I hope producers and directors would listen!

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