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Preview: Palunku


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If there is a director in Malayalam who has the most burden of expectations, it’s Blessy. After blazing a glorious trail with Kazhcha and Tanmatra, people expect the world from Blessy. This time he pairs up with the hero of his first movie Mammootty again. (Sorry Dileep, you will have to wait)

Monichan, played by Mammootty, is a farmer who was forced to leave school after his family lost their house and belongings in a landslip. Now, he lives with his wife, Susamma, and two daughters. To provide his children better education, Monichan decides to move from the village to a nearby town. The new environment takes a toll on the life of the naive farmer and his life changes forever. When he starts interacting with a consumerist society, he becomes ambitious and greedy. The film is about how the changes impacts on him and his family.

The other important role in the film will be presented by Jagathy Sreekumar who has not acted with Mammootty for a long time. The director, who is adamant in presenting new heroines into Malayalam through his films, has fixed Lekshmi Lahiri to play the female lead.
Blessy’s Palunku deals with problems faced by farmers

Blessy’s movies have wonderful music, this time too he has repeated Mohan Sitara for Palunku. You often wonder, in Blessy movies in which things move at snails pace, why do you need technically superior cameraman who was last seen in Singapore filming Krishh. Well, god knows and so we have Santosh Thundiyil cranking the camera for this one.

Blessy introduced Padmapriya and Meera Vasudev in his previous movies, for this movie it’s Kannada actress Lakshmi Sharma, all non malayalees.After delivering a fantastic performance in Karutha Pakshigal, with Palunku, Mammootty must be expecting to claim his stake on his 4th National award. Along with a tense Blessy, a tenser producer Howly Pottur must be awaiting for a favourable outcome at box office so that the he could get rid of Photographer related nightmares.

(Picture courtesy Sunday Kaumudi)


  1. “The other important role in the film will be presented by Jagathy Sreekumar who has not acted with Mammootty for a long time. ”

    Jagathi shared screen space with Mammotty in Thuruppugulan

  2. Nice to know there are so many people like me waiting for more Blessy movies 🙂

  3. Gulan was, frankly, unwatchable; I stopped watching it after half an hour. Sad that somebody like Mammootty has to resort to acting in a Govinda remake!

    Palunku sounds interesting, and its Blessy holding the reins of this one. Should be good, hopefully!

  4. Blessy will have a hat-trick of successes if Palunku also does well.

  5. Thuruppu Gulan was a movie of laughter. But Palunku is a movie of a class. Blessy and Mammotty made a hit again.

  6. Mind blowing!!!, 8 January 2007
    Author: chakaparam from U.S.
    How do you manage your expectations before seeing Blessy’s Palunku? Of course, he has made two path breaking films, ‘Kazcha’ and ‘Thanmatra’ but does that mean he has more rolled up his sleeve? What if you expect too much and the movie turns out to be a dud? These were some thoughts that ran through my head as I went to watch the film. As the film started rolling, all of it stopped and I started to absorb each and every scene in the film. At the end, all I could say was mind blowing!!!
    Blessy has done it again… All the characters are well etched out… I loved Mammooty as Monichan, the two little girls were exceptional, Jagathy was phenomenal, and Nedumudi was as usual good, and the real surprise was actor Thambi Antony, although he appears on screen for a short time, his character lingered in my mind as I left the theatre….so did every other scene in the film… Blessy, Great Job!!! Keep it up!!!!
    Best regards,
    Naveen C

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