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Preview : Baba Kalyani


Ever since Renji Panikker and Renjith went solo, Shaji Kailas is in lookout for that elusive super hit. For most of his recent movies he has stuck to his favourite hero Suresh Gopi, but he had a different scenarist for each one of his movies (AK Sajan for Chintamani, Joy Pallassery for Don, B.Unnikrishnan for Tiger to name a few). Shaji is yet to find a story writer who would match his assault on the senses style of film making.

For the movie Baba Kalyani, Mohanlal is uniting with Shaji after a gap of 2 years(the last two movies they did together was Natturajavu and Thandavam, both toppers in the list of terrible Mohanlal movies). Mohanlal is donning a police role after long time in Malayalam. He did a police role in Olympian Antony Adam(1999) and Company (2002).

Baba Kalyani is a soft-spoken IPS officer attached to the anti-terrorism wing. He is different from the run of the mill police officers you see on screen. His investigative approach is also different. He is not rude or arrogant, and doesn’t fly off his handle at the slightest provocation. He is extremely intelligent and his methods are very subtle. Because of reports from the Intelligence Bureau that terrorists are planning a series of bomb blasts in Kerala, Baba Kalyani is posted to investigate. Assisting him are Circle Inspector Thomas Chandy and Sub-Inspector Ramanan. At the end of numerous hurdles, their investigation leads them to the door of some one very high in the echelons of power. [Preview]

This movie has two unique things which make it interesting

  1. Mohanlal is uniting with Shaji after a gap of 2 years
  2. Mohanlal is donning a police role after long time in Malayalam

Oh did we say that before? For a viewer, there is nothing new in Shaji Kailas films. It is not even like old wine in new bottle, it is more like drinking the same wine from the same bottle again and again. When Dileep’s Chess was released, it promised that Dileep’s character would use his brains for revenge, but in the movie we had to see Dileep beating up Bheeman Raghu. So when a Malayalam police movie promises subtlety, our take is we will wait and see. Shaji Kailas doing subtlety would happen the day when Babu Namboothiri does action movies.

This movie also stars Mamta Mohandas, whom you may remember for her not so subtle performance in Lanka. This union of Mamta and Mohanlal is more exciting than the union of Shaji and Mohanlal or Police Uniform and Mohanlal. If this movie does not become a success, Mamta will have to take her style of subtlety and move to Chennai permanently.

For this movie Shaji Kailas has settled on S.N.Swamy to do the story and screenplay. Being an investigative story, and that being S.N.Swamy’s only strength, this movie could do well in box office unless it is of Photographer quality.


  1. Lal had donned the police uniform for “Mukham” about some 10 years ago – that was a good movie

  2. Also this movie has the signs of a flop written all over it – First of all Shaji Kailas. Then Lals cop roles havent gone well with the audience. Lastly Mamta and Lal? yuck.

    Mamta is a misfit for malayalam

  3. The line up of Mohanlal movies don’t look promising for the near time. I doubt if Paradesi or the movie based on Isben’s work will be blockbusters. Maybe we will have to wait till the Priyadarsan movie to see some fun.

  4. Mahadevan – you are right. Paradesi, Akashagopuram [based on Ibsen’s work] all look to be “art” movies.

    Chotta Mumbai is there – but i get the image of another supar-human lal in that

    Hopefully Priyadarsan’s movie in mid 2007 will turn around things for Lal

    Why cant people like Lohithadas write stories for Lal? Inspite of his repeated failures he fails to understand that script writing is his forte?

  5. LOL!! Hilarious as usual, guys!

  6. There IS a person called Baba Kalyani and hes the 19th richest Indian!!!

    Did this inspire Shaji

    “Baba N. Kalyani (born January 7, 1949) is an Indian billionaire businessman. As of 2006, he is among the 1000 richest people in the world and the 40 richest people in India according to Forbes magazine.

    He is the chairman and managing director of Bharat Forge, the flagship company of the Kalyani group of companies and the world’s second-largest forgings manufacturer. He has a Bachelors in Engineering from BITS Pilani and a Master of Science degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

  7. I saw this movie yesterday, and believe me the previous movie of Shaji ‘The Don’of Dileep was much better compared to this. As said this movie has all the ingredients of being a flop. Anyway people who wish to watch the movie please go ahead and do not expect much, this is just a tailor made plot produced by Lal’s driver Antony Perumbavoor to boost his drowing image. Hope Blessy’s palangu will be better since that subject will go well with Kerala audience.

  8. Richa – Mohanlal in a police role = not a hit
    Add shaji kailas = flop
    add mamta with clothes = sure fire flop

  9. Baba Kalyani, if its gonna be the quintessential Shaji-Lal crap, doesnt seem to hold much promise. The only ‘attractive’ thing abt the whole setup seems to be Lal as a ‘soft-spoken’ cop, akin to Company. But then, thtz RGV and this is Shaji – world of difference, you know.

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