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Score Card 10


Who is up and who is down. The score card keeps track of it for you.

darrow Dileep: Chakkarapottan/Chakkaramuthu is not doing well . His action movies like Don are flopping, so are his family movies. So it is time to lower the standards .
darrow IIFA: Next IIFA awards in Yorkshire. This time the awards will only for people whose names end in Khan or Kapoor.
darrow Lohithadas: His latest movie with Dileep and without Meera Jasmine flops. Puts the blame on senior actors and not his screenplay.
Shah Rukh Khan: Replaces Dileep as the Kochi Rajavu.
darrow Meghna Naidu: The item girl has to dance with a man with two left feet. Shhhhhhit!
S J Suryah: Is he marrying Meera Jasmine ? Or is this a ploy to make Uncle Lohi’s hair turn white?

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