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Internet-in Magic!


Indraprastham , a movie released around 8-9 years ago had Mammotty as a software engineer – Sathish who ‘founded’ the Morphing Tehnology for NASA. The movie was entirely forgettable but for two things

1. Mammotty’s dance abilities – which tested everyone’s patience
2. Song Lyrics – Here is a gem – “Dekho Bhaiyya Dekho Internet-in Magic..manichitra melam”..

This was around 1997-98, when Internet had quietly made its entry into Gods Own country. Fast Forward to the present.

Internet, now, in our land also an in-thing and almost everyone from tiny-tots in kintergarden to septuagenerian grandmothers seem to have email addresses and were net-savvy. The only people who seemed to be blissfully unaware of the power of the Net seemed to be our own Malluwood stars. Fortunately, the realization has dawned late on some of them and they have decided to put up sites.

Here’s what Innocent had to say at the launching of his web-site

I really did not know the power of Internet, till my brother in US called me up and told me that he could read whatever I had written on my site. It is awesome. I am happy that in future my fans all over the world will get to know everything about me on

Mohan Lal made most of the occasion by poking fun in jest at Innocent

I am amazed by Innachan’s knowledge and grasp over worldly matters and the way he is able to reel out his dialogues with clear diction. What baffle me is that how can a guy like him, who has only studied up to 3rd standard do all this?


Actors like Innocent who dont have much experience with the Net can take lessons from Mammotty – arguably the most “techy” actor in Malayalm cinema. [It is ironic that while Mammotty has a fancy for all new and hi-fi gadgets – home theatres, cameras, laptops etc, Mohan Lal on the other hand seem to be obsessed with “old” things like – Old Paintings, Old Naalukettu etc]

Generally its fans who put up the sites of stars – both superstars have their websites. Probably for lesser actors like Innocent, they have to set up their own website and hope to achieve a better reach through it.

So what next – bindupanikkar dot com OR maniyanpillaraju dot net dot in ?


  1. I visited “Innachayan’s” website. Love his style of storytelling. The one about the time he peeped into the gynecology exam room is hilarious.

  2. Generally, fan websites and cinesites carry wrong info. Official websites are better. Plus, it’s a great way to reach out to fans.

  3. “It is ironic that while Mammotty has a fancy for all new and hi-fi gadgets… ”

    Why is this ironic?

  4. If people like Pradip Somasundaram can connect well with his audience through his website and blog, what’s the issue if Bindu Panicker or Maniyanpilla Raju starts their own sites? I don’t see any reason to find it funny or bizzare!

  5. Ramesh – With due respect to Maniyanpilla Raju and Bindu Panikker, Pradeep Somasundaran is not in their league. Besides hes a singer and hes achieved something at the national level for which we should be proud of.

  6. I wanted to make a comment not directly related to this post. I didn’t know where else to post it.

    It seems that there are plenty of Malayalees who are intelligent and interested in watching sensible cinema. However, all the articles on the internet seem to point toward the impending demise of Malayalam cinema. I’m sure that the reasons for this are many. But, I believe that the powers that be of the Malayalam film industry are not exploring all the available options for marketing films to the global audience.

    There is a huge malayalee NRI population who is being ignored. I would love to watch new Malayalam movies, but the only way for me to do so is to resort to downloading terrible copies from the internet.

    If any of the readers of this blog has connections within the film world, please pressure someone to start an online movie download/rental service for Malayalam movies. Thousands of Malayalees around the world will gladly pay up to $5 to watch a brand new movie. Even a terrible movie — just for the nostalgic factor. $5 is more than 5 times the price of a ticket in India. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

    Maybe there are fears of copyright violations. But considering that thousands of people are already downloading terrible copies of these movies for free, it doesn’t hurt to try a paid service.

  7. Maniyanpilla Raju and Bindu Panikker are two people who have been acting in the same style, speaking in the same way irrespective of the character they play in all their movies.

    Pradip Somasundaram is a versatile singer who can sing anything from Classical to Vintage Hindi songs to the latest Harris Jayaraj songs with ease.

    Yes, he is not as famous as the other two, but he is more versatile and talented.

  8. Well, in my earlier post, I didn’t denounce Pradip. I only appreciated him of connecting with his audience through his online presence. I don’t however agree that he’s more popular than Raju or Bindu Panicker in Kerala. He, however is versatile in his own way.

    I feel Unni is wrong when he says “Generally its fans who put up the sites of stars”. This practice is followed probably only in our country. In Hollywood, people get sued for having sites like

  9. Ramesh – Your comments “I feel Unni is wrong when he says “Generally its fans who put up the sites of stars”. This practice is followed probably only in our country” – Since this is a blog on malayalam cinema, i can comment only on the fan sites set up for malayalam movie actors -not hollywood. Herefater when you see the word generally – please refer to it in the context of malayalam cinema – Thanks

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