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Review: Thommanum Makkalum

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When the movie starts Thomman (Rajan P Dev) and his sons Shivan (Mammotty) and Sathyan (Lal) announce that they have decided to turn new leafs. They were thieves and now they want to work hard and live. So they buy a lorry, sing a song and before they could finish it, they end up in Tamil Nadu and the lorry breaks down.

They decide to spend the night on the road side. When Thomman says that he is hungry, Sathyan goes to look for food in a nearby house and comes back with a plate. Thomman has the food and soon he finds that the food was poisoned. Luckily he escapes. The food was poisoned by the owner of the house played by Janardhanan so that he could kill his children and die.

Since the movie is set in Tamil Nadu, as per Kerala State Law Section B Item 47, the movie must have a Thevar and the thevar must have a daughter and bunch of henchmen. We have seen this design pattern in movies like Mayilattam and Paandi Pada and this movie does not go out of the way to upset this pattern. Janardhanan owed the thevar lot of money and it was this frustration that led him to think of suicide. Janardhanan also has a beautiful daughter (Sindhu Menon). At this point we were about 30 minutes into the movie and could predict what was going to happen.

So Thomman and his sons fight with Thevar (Kalasala Babu), Thevar’s daughter (Laya) and henchmen, sometimes all at the same time. They go through a sine and cosine curve of relationship and after 2 hours of song, dance, fight and colorful costumes, they resolve all issues. They even sing a group song to mark the occasion. At this point your brain is thinking, something is not right. If Thevar is not the villain, then who is? Then the villain appears for about 15 mins at the end and more predictable stuff happens.

If you have seen at least a few Tamil movies you probably have seen this movie for there is nothing new or unique in the story. Usually it is one person who takes on the thevar. In this movie it is two. Usually in such movies, the hero will be poor, but will have impeccable character second only to Mahatma Gandhi. In this movie the characters are theifs and the creativity in the story pretty much ends there.

What is interesting though is the characterization of both the father and two sons. Even though the sons were adopted they remain deeply affectionate to each other. Then their relation is put through various tests. First it happens when Sathyan declares that he wants to marry Janardhanan’s daughter. Then when everything is patched up, a stolen diamond necklace is found in Sathyan’s pocket and the relations break. Then the sons breakup with the father and each other. This Disneyland ride of relation was interesting.

Besides this, what makes this movie watchable is the performance of Mammotty and Rajan P Dev. While Rajan P Dev appears as cardboard characters in most movies, in this he gets lot of screen space and his talent has been very well used. Though older than Rajan P Dev, Mammotty too gets some excellent emotional scenes. Another terrific actor is Kalasala Babu, but in this movie he gets reduced to the cardboard Thevar character thus sustaining the Law of Cardboard Characters (TM).

This is a movie where much logic does not apply. There are the usual Tamil style fight scenes where Mammotty single handedly fights off dozens of thevar’s henchmen. Lal in one scene is bound by his hands, but still he fights with his legs. In this movie Mammotty does comedy and also dances. So suspending disbelief really helps. It is also entertaining in the sense that when you see Mammotty fight with various people, you will find a very striking similarity between his fight steps and dance steps.

Benny P. Nayarambalam who wrote the script has done a good job with the dialogue. But apart from the main characters, the others remain wasted. Atleast Laya who played Thevar’s daughter got some dialogue, whereas Sindhu Menon’s main job in the movie was to smile at Lal through the windows. The music is by Alex Paul and he has some foot tapping numbers in the movie.The success of Tamil movies in Kerala might be motivation for the makers of this movie. Basically this is a Tamil movie with Malayali actors. and a watchable entertainer.

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  1. Also Lal’s comedy was good in this movie – the “smart boys” comment etc. Salim Kumar was also funny

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