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Making viewers pottan


Few years back when Harikrishnan’s was released Fazil stunned everyone with providing two different climaxes for the movie in two different regions of Kerala. Lohithadas found this as a good idea and decided to change the climax of his latest release Chakkaramuthu.

After the lukewarm response to Dileep’s Chakkaramuthu, the producers Seven Arts and director Lohithadas have gone for a total revamp of the film.

Now the film will be known as Chakkarapottan and the climax has also been changed! In the new climax, Dileep does not die and Kavya is not shown in a mental asylum! Instead they hold hands and walk into the sunset very happily. [`Chakkaramuthu` turns `Chakkarapottan`!]

By renaming the movie, the film makers are very clear on who the pottan really is (Answer: viewers). We have some questions though. What happens to those people who watched the movie in the first week? Do they get a full refund? Or do they get a free ticket to watch the new version?

But this is a great idea. Release the movie, see how well it does, and if you find people are not coming, change the movie and see. Since Classmates is doing well, Lohi Uncle could have tried to make this into a college campus love story. Since Dileep is desperately trying to show that he is macho, they could have converted into an action movie with the climax showing Dileep and Kavya riding a helicopter into Baghdad sunset. They could even hold a contest to see which version is the best.

If Lohithadas wanted a clear winner, he should have added a dog and Salim Kumar and released this as the sequel of CID Moosa.


  1. Changing the title or the climax didnt do any help to the movie.

    Dileep’s only hope is Inspector Garud from his buddy Johnny Antony. If that flops hes finished

  2. Chakkarapottan? The name looks too bad for the movie! Anyway, a good write up!

  3. What happened to Speed?Fast Track, and the Dilip movie to be made by Sathyan Anthikad

  4. LOL!! One can only laugh after seeing all these stuff.

    Lohitadas has gone one step further than Fazil by renaming the movie! I think he should have released multiple versions of the same movie. Chakkaramuthu, Chakaramuthu Version 1.0.1, Chakkaramutthu Version 1.2.1 etc. He could also try the same while releasing the VCD/DVD. 😀

  5. When viewers expect nothing special then the scene will be similar. This situation is made by Mammootty and Lal, who never allowed any new good actors to survive by acting with amny of the leading directors who were waiting for their dates, and never considered new faces, since they do not have confidence in themselves. Now viewers are very few theaters are very few. A city like EKM has only, 6 theaters for Tamil, Malayalam and English movies. Same type city like Coimbatore is having 26. Good going the END is VERY near unless everyone works together, or the last super stars will be the 2 Ms.

  6. raphel – Why blame Mammotty and Lal for each and every thing – it seems from your comments that they are the sole reason behind all the malayalam industry evils and troubles ? Its like – angadiyil thottathinu ammayodu .

    If I were a producer trying to make a movie I would want my money back and a profit too – which i may not if i cast a new star in it.
    So how can we blame them ? Of course there are exceptions like Lal Jose who are able to do well with both old and new stars. But the number of such directors – you can count in the fingers of one hand.

    Theatres are closing down because there are not enough movies released. Over the last 2 years we are releasing just about 60 movies.

    The scene is very different in Tamil. More movies and more B and C Centres. Since you mentioned that theatres are not closed down in Tamil Nadu, I can cite at least 1 prominent example of a theatre in T Nagar closed down and converted to a marriage hall. These problems are there everywhere

    What we lack is good stories and good directors who are realitisc enough to understand the pulse of the audience.

  7. Never said theaters are not closing down in other places. But, during my recent visit to Kochi, I looked thru the today’s movie in MM newspaper. In many of the theaters there are Shakeela types re-running or kept as Noon Shows. The demise is very near. That is for sure. That is the reason why movies Like KaruthPakshikal and Vsthavm draws poor crowds and Dhoom creates record collections. Fans culture will destroy the Industry and the 2 Ms should support new directors thn supporting rotten stuffs like Joshy, who could not do anything better than Naran, including the recent Vava, which Fans making as record collection, but never got many house full shows in Ernkulam or any other stations and on Monday in Little Shenayees the 75 odd people watched it.

    Just look at Tamil, each actor is doing 2 or 3 and 100 odd movies, means chance for at least 30 odd actors. They (both Ms) will one day be surely accused off destorying the Industry for their whims and fancies along with their Directors. They have to use their amazing crowd pulling capacityt to the effective use in promoting the Industry than acting in every rubbish, which eventully clear off the remaining viewers. I know what Youngsters are thinking now a days including my +2 son and his n number of friends, never watched a Malayalam Movie in the last one year other than Thanmatra and Clssmates. At the same time they go for Dhoom, DON, and Tamil Movies. That is the situation now. We just cannot close our eyes and say everything for the Super stars are correct. The problem here is that every actor thinks only he should survive all other movies should fail.
    No one can save this Industry now. That is for sure. The belated attempts to boo down Classmates etc are known to everyone in Kerala.

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  10. Most of the malayalam films there is no story line up. Because our taste is not dancing or fighting. Kerala people’s likes story lines like Tharavata amma, Killukam. etc. Here blames goes to producers because they are not thinking the taste of kerala people. In future producers wants to take a long discussion with writers , directors. Then deside the actors. whether mamotty or lal is sutable for that role.

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