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Preview : Karutha Pakshikal


This movie marks the return of prodigal son to the fold. Mammootty has made a temporary stop to his fun outing. No more dancing shoes, colorful shirts, Rayban glasses, Katrina Kaif and talking in slangs.

The film tells the story of Murugan, who lives by ironing the clothes of other people. He lives in a slum and speaks a mix of Malayalam and Tamil, as he comes from Tamil Nadu.

He is the representative of many Tamil descendants who live in Kerala to make a living. He looks after his children Mayil, Azhagappan and Malli who is blind, after the death of his wife. He dreams to revive the eyesight of his daughter Malli. [Karutha Pakshikal – In a different track]

The movie reeks with sadness. Murugan is poor, he is a widower, one of his kids is blind and finally she does not get her eye sight back. Looks like this is a movie Vinayan would have loved to make.

After visiting the Mariana Trench of the film industry with Pachakuthira, Kamal has taken a new path. He has decided not only to make realistic movies, but also not to make any compromise. What this means is that, you will have to watch the movie with not just one bucket for your tears, but at least half a dozen of them. After the movie is over the theatre could look like Banda Aceh after the 2004 tsunami.

In the interview Kamal mentions

I wanted to highlight the injustices done by the Kerala society to this community. So, in the film, Murugan’s blind daughter does not get eyes after Meena dies because her husband thinks it demeaning to donate his wife’s eyes to a very poor Tamil girl. This is how the hypocritical Kerala society behaves now.[‘I’ve compromised on all my films’]

Of course. We Malayalees like it very much when someone pricks our self-pride. In an age where CID Moosa like movies are big hits, we doubt if anyone wants to watch stark reality. But the positive thing is that it will give Mammotty an opportunity to showcase something he has in ample quantity – talent.

Story and screenplay is by the director himself. Music is by Mohan Sithara. Apart from Mammootty the cast includes Padmapriya, Meena, Jagathy Sreekumar, Salim Kumar, TG Ravi, Harisree Ashokan, Dinesh, Rajesh, Sraya, Arya, Reshmi Gopal, Sreekala, Sruthi Balachandran, Baby Malavika, Baby Suhaila, Master Thejus

Even if the movie does not run, it could end up winning some awards and even get remade by Nagesh Kukunoor in Hindi with Suneil Shetty as the iron box.


  1. Kamal has faltered in more movies recently – noticeably Gramaphone (faltered second half, unappealing storyline), Rappakal (wrong casting, outdated story, cliched situations), Swapnakoodu…

    High time he pulled up his socks and start making films with the Kamal touch!

  2. Hope kamal gets it right this time around and the movie does not turn out to be like the pseudo-realistic “Photographer”.

    Btw, i really liked the deadpan “suniel shetty as the iron box” 🙂

  3. This is easily one of the best films to come out from the Kamal factory, of late. Brilliant execution and a no-nonsense script ensure that cinematically, he has a winner in his hands, this time around! 🙂

  4. We should threaten to commit mass suicide if Kukunoor touches Karutha Pakshikal, seeing what he did with Perumazhakalam.

  5. One of the greate movie…the real performance of Mammootty can be visible in this movie

  6. solo song from manjari , malaiyil raatri maleyi is simply superb and infact iam writing this mail whilw hearing the song on the head phone

  7. I liked the song of Manjari ,Malayil raatri malayil , in fact the composition of the song is totally different from any other song , the flow i like its simply superb , i thank Manjari for singing this song

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