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We were under the impression that an Indian citizens should abide by only by the Indian Penal code. Looks like we were wrong. There are organizations, like Film Chamber, which decide and dictate what an actor should do with his life. Recently Mammooty violated producer’s penal code by appearing in a television program and the sky came crashing down.

the Film Producers association has issued a show cause notice to the superstar for appearing in a music programme of a popular Television channel called Melody during the Ramadan season.

The appearance is against the agreement between the actors’ association and producers association that doesn’t allow film stars to appear in TV programmes. [Mammooty’s melody turn bitter]

What is wrong if film stars appear in TV programs? (Answer: Nothing). And why does the Chairman of Kairali TV needs the permission of lesser gods to appear on TV? Apparently the producers believe that such appearances are not good for the movie industry.

Past few months we were treated to classics like Photographer, Bhargava Charithram, Lanka and Pachakuthira which were a treat not only for the mind, but also for the brain, especially if you were brain damaged. When producers lost their money in these brilliant films they had couple of options – a) blame it on America b) own responsiblity for making inane movies. Option a was ruled out since even with the wildest imagination, it was not easy to make that connection. Option b was also ruled out since that involves pricking self-pride. So the new option is to enforce such bans hoping that this would lead people like us into movie theatres.

A producer’s responsibility does not end with selecting an actor or a director. They should make sure that the movies they invest their hard earned money should ride on good scripts, at the minimum. The right thing for producers to do is to stop acting like clowns and instead take a deep breath and read the script before making a film. Instead of spending money on plane tickets to Thailand and New Zealand or importing expensive actresses for item numbers, give the money to the script writer.

What next? Will the producer’s association tell the actors what biscuit they should eat and what cola they should drink? Instead of acting like dictators, producers should learn from the humble Antony Perumbavoor, the ideal producer, seen here carrying Mohanlal’s bag.


  1. Also one of the producers has remarked that

    1) Stars lose their star-value if they are seen too much on the mini-screen which is ridiculous. It goes without saying that for all TV programs, the TRP ratings will generally be the highest for programs involving stars and film related.

    2) Producers aer being magnanimous by allowing actors like Bindu Panikkar, KPAC Lalitha, Mukesh etc to act in TV programs because of their “financial problems”. With due respect to this actors, almost all of them have been around long enough to make a large sum of money during their film careers. So the logic of mlacklisting Jagadish alone doesnt make any sense.

  2. There is a saying in malayalam… “Angadiyil thottathinnu ammayude nenchathu”. These so called ‘producers association’ should stop being moronic and focus on other issues..
    May be the actors association should put a ban on certain producers for making (DUMB) movies all together. Cheers

  3. But then why did the actors’ association agree to such moronic terms in the first place ( assuming the text you quoted is true )?

    Do these associations accomplish anything useful or are these mere bureaucratic baggage to facilitate crippling moves against selected artistes? Does this sort of thing happen in other states or is it unique to our trade-union-infested kEraLa society? Thanks.

  4. after watching chakkaramuthu i really feel that
    lohithadas once among the best script writers in malayalam has really got his pen dried up.dileep and kavya perform well and they get meaty roles too especially kavya.Though the story has some strong points and message the script is too week and we sometimes wonder if it was the same author who made kireedam,bharatham,amaram,bhoothakannadi etc

  5. There was a million dollar question about Mammotty being singled out (in the article “Mammooty’s melody turn bitter”) by producers while Jagadeesh, Nedumudi being let alone for hosting TV shows. Well I guess here is the million dollar answer. Mammotty being “magnanimous” himself would have pestered his producers during various stages for money and every whim of his megalomania they are just getting back at him. This is the general impression in the industry.

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