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One of the reasons our producers blame for poor collections at the theaters is the deluge of cable channels. If a person pays a measly sum of about 180 Rupees, he can watch any number of movies in any language of his choice.

However one cannot but help commenting on the quality of movies being shown on these channels. They have a penchant for showing the same movies again and again, which is fair enough as they have the satellite rights for the movie and they want to make the most of it. But showing the same movies in a span of 4 weeks is stretching it too far.

The Asianet favorites are Aaram Thampuran, Ravanaprabhu and Kilukkam while the Surya favorites are Ishtam, Thandavam and Praja. Valyettan seems to be the Kairali favorite [Incidentally , Valyettan when it was first broadcast for Onam ran to more than 6 hours. It started around 2:O0PM and was shown after the 7:00PM news. Talk about marketing!!]

The cable channels also seem to be obsessed with projecting a movie that would barely have run for 15 days at the Box Office as a Superhit movie. Some time back a movie called “Bharyaavettil Parama Sukham“, starring Vijayaraghavan was showcased as a Superhit Chalachitram!!!. There are worse examples.

What our cable channels could do is come up with old movies (’80-90’s) and telecast them. Normally the video rights for such movies don’t come at a high price. They can easily invest a fraction of the money earned by the Sthree Janmam’s/ Thankamanassu/ OmanathinkaPakshi etc to purchase the telecast rights for the older movies.


  1. I am not agree with the said director for his comment of Cable Channels are culprit of collection. If the movie is good, i.e. good story, nice songs, theme and casting is ok. Definitely people will watch in the theatre. Nowadays, very few good movies were relasing in malayalam. We need to change the trend system and need some good stories.

  2. Yeah it really freaks me out when I hear superhit chalachithram “Korappan the great” ningalkayi samarppikkunnu…

    Pray, Whats this samarpanam bit??

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