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Review Roundup: Chakkaramuthu


The Reviews all agree on one thing – Lohithadas has lost his mojo in this movie. The man who wrote great screenplays and created memorable characters was not able to do his magic in this movie. For Dileep this is a crisis as neither his action movies nor his family movies are clicking. says:

The last thing you expect from a Lohithadas movie is that it starts with a song choreographed with dozens of dancers, wearing Army uniforms. It’s in a dream sequence, and establishes a few home truths about the character of Chakkaramuthu. We are warned that this will be run-of-the-mill stuff. Even when the narrative picks up a little, our disappointment lingers.

The master filmmaker Lohithadas is not seen in this film. Though expectations were high when he cast Dileep as a mentally retarded character — the actor has created a niche for himself with such marginalised roles — the film offers nothing new to Dileep. The role is repetitive. says:

Lohithadas seems to have run out of steam as his latest film Chakkaramuthu, is nothing but a rehash of various old films and none of the characters are well-etched out nor do we become a part of their anguish or worry.

The trouble is too many characters with too many motives are haphazardly tied up resulting in an embarrassingly bad film. There is not even one single scene which is new or brings a smile on your face and the climax is a big letdown. Looks like, the writer-director had lost interest and wanted to some how end the film! says:

Chakkaramuththu, the eleventh directorial venture of writer-turned-director Lohithadas, has proved to be a big let down in almost all respects.

Lohithadas, who had earlier directed films like Bhoothakannadi, Arayannangalude Veedu, Joker etc, seems to have made the film in a rather carefree manner, paying little attention to important aspects like scripting, characterization etc. He has attempted to bank on Dileep’s acting potential, especially his skills as an excellent mimicry artist. Of course he has been able to tap the actor’s potentials in a commendable way, but that alone doesn’t make for a good film. The director’s attempt has thus to a very great extent misfired and hence watching Chakkaramuththu is not at all a pleasant experience.


  1. Dileep’s character and get up looked to be similar to what he did in Chanthupottu

    Lohithadas never seems to learn that his forte is script writing and not direction.

  2. I so badly wanted to see this one, coz of Kavya, but thought the better of it, after I got to read those reviews. Lohi sadly seems to have lost the magical touch…

    As for Dileep, havent we had enuf of these roles???

  3. I think the other thing to look at is Lohithadas didn’t want to take a risk. Look at the formula. Kavya + Dillip + Handicap = Money. Regardless if it becames a super hit, the general audence will go to see it regardless. They have a strong fan base. A lot of the movies with new ideas, younger actors, take a while before they take off… not a risk he was willing to take.. my 2 cents 🙂

  4. Tony

    Kavya + Dileep = possible success
    Kavya + Dileep + Lohithadas as director = possible failure

    Kavya + Dileep + Lohithadas as scriptwriter = possible success

  5. Unni,
    I like your math.

  6. is it so bad for dileep? lion was a hit.. in fact for about two months since its release there was no real competition.. (though i think it’s sad that a film like lion becomes a big hit. thank god the same didn’t happen with “don”)

  7. I reckon the movie would have emerged a hit if it was directed by Vinayan, the quintessential expert in handling mentally/physically retarded characters….

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