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Preview: Vaasthavam


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After Ammakkilikkoodu and Vargam , Padmakumar and Prithviraj have joined hands together again.

Raghavan Master, a scion of a high Namboothiri family and an ardent communist considered his party more than his family or any other relations. He, in the course of increasing his party’s holds and preaching party ideals sold away much of his ancestral property and all that is left now is the ancestral home, devoid of the fame and fortune it once had. Balachanbran Adiga is his only son who has the burden of looking after his family and his four nubile daughter’s. His father’s irresponsible behaviors led to hate politicians and politics. He knows the difficulties involved in bringing the family back from the brink of nothingness and in marrying off his sisters and for that he adopts a very pragmatic approach to life.


Balachandran’s eldest sister Shobha does some tailoring and manges a low earning with which the family is kept out of hunger. Not withstanding the family chaos Balachandran’s younger sister Shubha walks out with Adivasi leader Sreedharan, causing irreparable damage to the family reputation. Following this incident his mother dies, and he is forced to forget his murappennu and childhood playmate Sumitra and is compelled to marry Surabhi a girl from a rich family, to tackle the serious economic adversities that his family faces. Sumithra who forces Balachandran to risk their dreams for the sake of his family finally marries a cruel and corrupt police officer. [Vaasthavam – unusual growth of a pragmatist]

The movie also has Kavya Madhavan as the heroine and she is very good in emotional roles. Besides this, movies with Prithviraj and Kavya like Ananthabhadram and Classmates have done well in the box office. The music of the movie is by Alex Paul and currently he is riding a wave with foot tapping numbers in Classmates and Pothen Vava.

Story and screenplay is by Babu Janardhanan. His previous works like Thachiledathu Chundan, Varnapakittu and Chathurangam didn’t exactly set the screen on fire.

Prithvi is leading the young brigade,and in Vargam he has proved to be capable of shouldering a movie and is the hero of biggest blockbuster in the history of Malayalam cinema. If Vasthavam delivers and becomes a commercial hit, then naturally he would move to the next level in the food chain.

Padmakumar is considered as one of the most promising directors in Malayalam. He has proved his strengths in Vargam and has demonstrated in the past that he can make can make intense, tight movies with good characterization. In this movie he has assembled some of the best talent possible and if this works out he would become one of the bankable directors in Malayalam.


  1. Guys the link to the preview page in the document takes us to the review of Ananthabhadram… Pls update the link…

  2. Unni,Thanks for letting us know. It’s fixed now.

  3. According to Indiaglitz review, Vaasthavam seems to be a very good movie with realistic and good performances from the star cast of the movie.. But Indiaglitz people are too good that they are never ready to hurt people.. So we should rather wait for a Sify review or a review by Paresh Palicha in rediff before speculating the movie..

    Unnikrishnan G Nair

  4. Unnikrishnan – Looking by the review of Indiaglitz, vasthavam looks to have a good theme.
    Hopefully this will be Padmakumar’s breakthrough

  5. These reviews are giving hopes. We are looking forward to see how Pritvi handles these different roles.

  6. Though the elite class directors (Kamal,sibimalayil,satyan antikkad etc)continue to elude him and his previous releases not making huge impact in the boxoffice Prithviraj
    can still smile( really after the dhoom made by classmates).One should never forget that he is the sole survivor among the young guns who came to malluwood in 2001-02 season like Jishnu,Siddhart,and many more.In films like vrgam also he has shown his capability to carry a film alone in his shoulders.I really hope that
    Vasthavam really helps him to etsatblish himself once again as the real young star

  7. prithvi had done a good job in this young age if he can do these types of bold character then he is really a big actor and we could find a prosperous future in prithviraj.

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