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Interview with Vineeth


The editors of had a brief conversation with actor Vineeth recently. We talked about his present movies and about the film industry in general. One of the recent movies you have been working on was Rathri Mazha, directed by Lenin Rajendran starring Meera Jasmine. Can you tell us a bit about the movie, your role in it. Can you also tell us your experience in working with Lenin Rajendran and Meera?

Rathri Mazha is a very interesting theme. I play the role of Harikrishnan, a contemproary dancer who due to fate lives his life on a wheel chair as he is paralysed below hip. The movie is about how Meera the role played by Meera Jasmine comes in his life. It is a very serious film with amazing music by Ramesh Narayan. This is my second film with Lenin Rajendran,the first one being Daivathinte Vikruthikal. It was a pleasant experience working with him as he is an experienced and senior director. This is my first film with Meera Jasmine, a very versatile actress by herself. It was a great experience working with one of our talented heroines. A very friendly and simple girl in person with amazing talent of histrionics.

vc: Another blockbuster movie in which you acted was Chandramukhi with Rajnikanth. How did you get this opportunity? Can you tell us about your experience working with him, Prabhu, and Jyothika.

Vineeth: Due to film commitements when director Fazil offered me the same role in the original Manichitrathazhu in 1993 culd not accept it. By gods grace the same role was offered to me after 13 years in Chandramukhi. I was suggested for the role by none other than the great Rajnikanth. It was a great honour working with the legend and felt privileged to work with director P.Vasu, Prabhu sir and Jyothika. I was accepted by the Tamil dance world through Chandramukhi as I got an opportunity to perform the superhit song ra ra in the film.

vc: Past few years we saw you in two good songs. One was Chentharmizhi in Perumazhakkalam and the other was Kalabham Tharaam in Vadakkumnathan , both with Kavya Madhavan. Except for some rare appearances like this, we don’t get to see much of you in movie, except for an occasional guest role or in a movie like Moonamathoral. Any reasons?

Vineeth: I select from the roles I get,even if its just a song. If the character has something important to contribute to the film I accept it,and of course working with directors who are experienced is a learning experience for any artiste.

vc: Even after three decades, both Mammotty and Mohanlal are going strong. Due to this, we don’t see many new stars in the film industry. In Tamil, there are superstars and megastars like Kamal and Rajni, but there are also a strong lineup of young actors like Vijay, Ajith, Simbu, Arya, Jeeva, etc. Why is such a phenomenon not happening in Malayalam in your opinion?

Mammotty and Mohanlal are two of the most talented actors in india and of great inspiration to all young actors including me for their tremendous calibre in acting. Even Malayalam has a strong line up of young actors as you know and the success of films like Classmates proves the versatality of the younger actors.

vc: What are the factors on which you decide to act in a movie? Do you look at the filmmakers or do you read the script or are there any other factors.

Lot of factors – the script ,the director, an organised production set up with an efficient producer and most important the role I perform. I should be confident in playing it.

vc: One of your most memorable movies for us was Sargam. It had an excellent story, divine music and wonderful acting from everyone. Even though it did not have any superstar, it became a big hit. The same about Nakhakshathangal. Now a days we dont get to see such movies. Do you think we don’t have talented writers?

There are talented writers its just that not everyone gets an opportunity. It is a passing phase and definitely lot more meanigful films will be made for sure.

vc: Now a days people get entertainment from TV channels are they are reluctant to go to movie theatres. Film Makers don’t recognize this and continue to make the same repeated theme of big-hearted-brother, political movies or stupid comedy movies. Why are our film makers not attempting to make innovative and interesting movies?

I am an actor,so I guess u should ask this question to a filmmaker.

vc: Like Tamil and Hindi movies, now you see Malayalam film songs being picturized in Singapore, Thailand and New Zealand. Does such gimmicks help?

It is the story and the sript that matters to the audience. Even if you go to moon and shoot a song it won’t make an impact if it does not gel with the storyline.

vc: What are your future projects?

At present finishing the film Raathri Mazha. A couple of projects which are being discussed and a Hindi film to be directed by Priyadarshan .

vc: Do you still keep up with your passion – dancing? If so who is your Guru now?

Vineeth: I am doing my advanced training in Bharathanrithyam which is a classical dance style revived by my revered guru Padmabhushan Dr. Padmasubrhamanyam.I am also doing lot of dance programs in India and abroad.


  1. Vineeth is the perfect example of a could-have-been. In terms of sheer talent[acting and dancing] he easily surpasses others of his age in malayalam. Its unfortunate that talented people like him are not in our backups for the two M’s.

  2. Actually in terms of dancing, he surpasses the two M’s.

  3. Oh yes hes easily the best dancer in Malluwood and that too by a mile

  4. hi, I m a big fan of him. I like his dance so much. I wish him all the best and hope to see him in many movies

  5. vineet its a request that vodofone takadhimi ur judeging is not giving very low marks so give thier marks very good scoreing oterwise u better dont judge withdraw.

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