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Creating new paths


Once a movie becomes a hit, you would see producers trying to repeat the same formula to make a quick buck. Thus when low budget comedy movies started clicking, we saw a whole slew of them. When Mohanlal became superman in a hit movie and Mammotty’s dance created a blockbuster, many instances of the same followed. The same can be said about Suresh Gopi’s movies and Jayaram’s family movies. Now that Classmates has become a hit, we may see many movies in that same mold.

Producers are out there to make money and the easiest way seems to be to follow the trend. Then there are some producers and directors who want to create a new path and attract viewers by offering something refreshing and new. One such director is Roshan Andrews.

I don’t care about what is in the minds of the viewers. I don’t want to follow their interests. Instead, I want them to follow our creations. Only by that way we can create novel films’ says Roshan Andrews who shot to limelight with the super hit Udayananu Tharam.[Viewers must follow us – Roshan]

We believe that is the right attitude and Roshan along with a new crop of directors like Blessy, and Lal Jose and setting new trends in film making. Resorting to tried an tested formula is an easy way out for film makers. It takes courage to be different and successful.


  1. “I don’t care about what is in the minds of the viewers. ” Rosshan better care about the viewers also. He has invested a lot of money in his new movie. To get it back, he needs to please the vieweres 🙂

  2. How to make viewers happy? An elusive question.
    Directors can’t stop Mamootty dancing after Rajamanickyam. Ranjan Pramod tried to give more Mohanlal in Photographer. Iam sure Roshan wanted to set the trend rather than follow the trend.

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