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Review : Balram Vs Taradas



The movie is set into motion when a large cache of arms is discovered in the land belonging to the local businessman Hussein Sahib (Risabava). On investigation, Inspector Varma (Mukesh) finds that Hussein Sahib has no idea about this, but the land was used by someone called Anali Bhaskaran. The Inspector, along with his colleagues Sudhakaran (Jagadeesh) go to arrest Bhaskaran, but they are given a good fight. As the police are being beaten, the screen alternates between a police jeep appearing on the scene and Anali Bhaskaran trying to knife people. Suddenly a hand appears in the scene and beats Bhaskaran. The camera, in a ritual symbolic of us doing pradakshniam around the deity goes around the body to which the hand is attached and reveals the face of Inspector Balram.

He is still the same no-nonsense, arrogant person who follows his heterodox ways of investigation. The only difference is that he does not use much four letter words, or in the case of Malayalam, two letter words much. Anali Bhaskaran reveals under interrogation that Hussein Sahib’s son Salim is involved in this. Hussein Sahib says that his son left the house sometime back and he has no idea where he is. Then at this point it starts raining characters as if it is the start of monsoon season.

In a span of few minutes we get three villains, MLA Rani (Vani Vishwanath), a DGP, Balram’s boss (Devan), DYSP George (Siddique), Policewoman Dakshayani (Kalpana), a Chief Minister, a minister called Mustafa, Srini (Srinivasan), the editor of a yellow journal, and a policeman called Ummar (Augustine). While were were figuring out who was who in this, Balram concludes that Tharadas was behind all this and the scene switches to Dubai.

If Balram got a Rajnikanth style introduction, then according to the Newton’s third law, Tharadas too has to get one. So we see one of his associates insulting a person, bad mouthing Tharadas and walking away. Then in the corridor he sees a faint human figure far away. The camera jerks and jerks and reveals Tharadas, dressed so well that we would think he was on his way to a photo shoot when he decided abruptly to beat a few people. As if this visual was not suffice, there was an electric guitar playing loudly in the background as if someone old the guitar player that he would get paid based on the number of random sounds he could make from the instrument.

After beating his associate, Tharadas meets the minister Mustafa (who seems like a Kunjalikutti clone) and does some business. He also wants a favor from the minister. He wants a ring to be passed to his girlfriend Supriya (Katrina Khaif) who is an actress. Once the people and linkages are established, the game is set in motion in an even faster pace. Balram concludes that the only way to trap Tharadas is to arrest Supriya. As expected Tharadas lands in Kerala and takes on Balram and it drives rest of the story.

The film has two script writers, S N Swamy and T Damodaran. Both these people famous for writing many block busters in the eighties seem to be still living in that era where heroes and villains shouted at each other pointing guns at each others head. When Tharadas first lands his Kerala, he walks straight into the police station looking for Balram. They both stare at each other and then Balram takes his gun and points at Tharadas. Tharadas in a scene, seen only in cartoon films, puts his hands on the barrel of the gun to block the bullet and says some hard hitting dialogue. Luckily the intermission was announced at this time, else the movie would have been over by the middle.

It is not just this one encounter they have. Both Balram and Tharadas meet many times in the second half and scream at each others face. Once Balram walks into Tharadas’ house and shouts, “You are a bloody murderer and arms dealer and…” of that sort. They meet in airports, jails and all the time they talk and part. The aim for both it seems is to subdue the other with dialogue, a la Suresh Gopi style. All this would look great in a temple festival stage drama, but not in a movie. In this whole movie, except for a couple of action scenes, you could turn of the visual and listen to it as a radio drama.

And what happened to Tharadas, the man who smilingly said his occupation was “Smuggling” in Athirathram. It turns out he is a nice guy in this movie and he was wronged by the villains. He is not vicious or dangerous. He is just a romantic who loves to wear designer clothes and ride trendy bikes. Oh! what a let down. His wig, which seems to have a life of its own in various scenes has more personality than Tharadas.

One of the interesting points in Athirathram was the relationship between the characters played by Mohanlal, Seema and Mammotty. There is no such emotional twist in this plot. There is no suspense, no twists or anything in the story and it is a plain straightforward narration.

Since there are too many characters and due to the fast cutting, there is no time to establish any character in the movie. . Some people like Kunjan and Srinivasan probably got less than 3 minutes of screen time, much less than the wig. The characters in the movie don’t have any depth and it looks like a bunch of cardboard characters moving on screen. Then when you complain of such lack of depth, it is shown that Inspector Varma’s family is in poverty and we are like what has that to do with the story?

The only character which is interesting in the movie is Balram, but still he comes nowhere close to the Balram in Avanazhi and Inspector Balram. He too has toned down. But he gets lot of screen time to display his anger against everyone and everything. Mammotty has performed well as this character to make up for a lackluster Tharadas.

I.V.Sasi’s concept of big blockbuster movie seems to be to fill in with all possible actors on screen and have a few car and boat chases. It does not work in 2006. When Athirathram was released the only channel on TV was Doordarshan. Now people have options to see well made Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English movie and the expectations have gone up for action movies. There is a boat chase in the movie where Blaram chases Salim in the ocean. They both start in one location, circle the bay and park back in the shore like two tourists on a sightseeing trip. The boat chase in Athirathram had more punch.

Lot of money was blown up on this movie and it would have been better if the screenplay which they filmed was thrown out and a new one written. The concept of the movie was interesting, but the execution was poor. The other saving grace of the movie are the two songs by Jassie Gift.

Now we hear that they are planning a sequel called Balraminte Makan with Prithviraj in the title role. We hope the film makers make a short tight movie instead of such wasteful extravaganzas or get new script writers like Padmakumar, Renjith or Ranjan Pramod.


  1. The horrible movie I’ve ever seen.

  2. Mammotty as Thardas with that sloppy wig was yuck. Even “nadakam” actors will have better wigs.

    Also there was a scene where Mammotty is seen driving a Hummer SUV with Katrina in tow. That was the limit.

    All this is nothing compared to Rimi Tomy dancing!!!!!

  3. I happened to see this movie even though my cuz warned me by saying ” abhathathil polum kanaruthe”. VC indeed summed up the abt the movie correctly.
    There are few movie makers in Kerala who think that if you have a veteran director and an excellent actor the movie automatically is a success. and whatz up with that hideous wig… they had all the money to spend on Dubai and sunglasses….but not on a decent wig? mammoooty should have checked with Siddique’s wig maker….my guess is that they got that wig as a complimentary gift for spending all that money on plane tickets… the way I stopped watching the movie when the boat chase started…movies like these reminds me that I still need more work on my temperament.

  4. Liberty Basheer , the producer of the movie lost his life’s savings on B vs T. In an interview in Vellinakshatram he blamed Mammotty for the extravagance – Dubai, Rayban glasses etc and for bringing in Katrina Kaif who charged a bomb.

  5. Looks like he recovered fast :-), very recently he was bidding for producing MT-Hariharan-Mammootty Payyampally Chanthu, which he lost to Gokulam.

  6. earlier had fought with Mamotty over Chronic Bachelor, which again went over budget

  7. That’s funny, why should he again and again produce films with Mammootty then!!!

  8. The movie was so good that made me walk out of theatre after the first 45 mins.

  9. God save Prithiraj from the sequel of Balaram, which Liberty Bashir plans, if it is directed by IV Sasi, who should retire along with Joshy as pointed out by Cinema Mangalam. The producers and some distributers are making these directors survive.

    It is shame, that all of them are working towards the demise of the Industry, which is the life line for lakhs in Kerala.

  10. Is it Balraminte Makan or Tharadasinte Makan?

  11. Hey Chronic bachelor produced by fazil not Liberty basheer.When you make issues please dont try to make others blind.

  12. Noble – Liberty Basheer was involved at the start and ran into problems. Fazil then took over

    And FYI, I did not state this to “make people blind”. This information actually was reported in Nana and Vellinakshatram.


  13. What I heard is Swargachithra first bid for the movie but Fazil won it.Liberty Basheer was not even in the picture.And the heavy cost is due to Aiswarya.She herslef decided not to act as she got a teluu offer.(your comment was “earlier had fought with Mamotty over Chronic Bachelor, which again went over budget” .What does it mean?)

  14. Noble – What you said about Swargachitra was right. But Basheer was involved in the later stages of production/distribution and finally Fazil took over the distribution also.

    Which Aiswaraya are u talking about. I belive Rambha was the heroine along with Bhavana

  15. ‘Butterflies’ Aiswarya.She acted in the movie for considerable days and she quit herself.Then Rambha(I think Rambha replaced her) came in for her, a total reshoot of those scenes, causing over budget.I remember a article that laugh at Aiwsraya in Nana about hers wrong decision as the Telugu movie was a flop and CB managed a hit status.

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  17. Director or script writer:

    I.V. Sasi used to be the no one director in malayalam films till late 80s.He used to make wonderfull films in association with M.T.,T.Damodaran,Padmarajan etc.But after his last hit Devasuram things never went right for him.his films like Sradha,Symphony,Balram vs Taradas etc bombed at the box office.

    I really wonder what happend to this great director who made films like Utsavam,E nadu,Vartha,mukti and many such sensible films.

  18. I.V Sasi still desperately tries to make a come back. But he fails every time. With the scripts of T.Damodaran and M.T he gave us lots of silverscreen delights. But personally I feel it is due to the lack of good scripts which kicked him out. The last movie “Balram vs tharadas”, what a bore!Mammootty looked ridiculous in that awful wig. And the scenes and all. The film vanished into thin air and so did I.V Sasi. I hope if the script is better I.V Sasi will come back.

  19. I just never liked IV Sasi’s films from the 80s, at least the ones I’ve seen. They were too melodramatic. But I guess the audience of that time enjoyed it. Though “Devasuram” was quite different from his usual 80s films. I also like “Mrigaya”.

  20. This is good example of poor script, screenplay,direction and Off course too much characters!!!

    Mammootty has given a total flop show in this action flick. Yes, “Action” flick!!!

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