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Review Roundup : Pothenvava


If the reviews are any indication, Mammootty’s hit drought might have come to an end. Movie seem to be offering a mixture of comedy, action and emotional dramas with the right amount of cumin, tamarind and chilli powder. comments:

Mammootty and Joshy are back with a bang in Pothen Vava. For quite some time Joshy had been churning out films that lacked his typical touch. Some of them made it at the box office; but those who cherished memories of films like Nirakoottu, New Delhi, Nair Saab, Dhruvam, Kauravar and the like, missed the Joshy stamp in the new releases. Now, after quite a gap, comes a film which has Joshy written all over it. Pothen Vava, in which the Director joins hands with his favourite star Mammootty after a hiatus, is likely to satisfy the fans of both the Director and the actor.

India Glitz says:

Repeatedly Mammootty is donning lighter characters ala Thuruppughulan, alienating from the major forte of seriously endorsed roles that stamp him as one of the finest actors of the country. Still the highlight of Pothen Vava is that it doesn’t remain a light hearted film.

The pace of the film is what that sets you in with a firmly simple but engaging storyline with a sensitive flair. Even though Mammootty looks tired with more dark lines below his eyes, he has brought out another absorbing performance in another slimmer shades. says:

Written by Benny P Nayarambalam, with a proven track record of handling such characters deftly, the film is directed by Joshiy. Usha Uthup, the original diva of Indi-pop is as an added USP.

Pothen Vava offered a heady mix for sure. But how much kick we get out of the mix is the matter of concern. Surely, you get high initially with Usha Uthup showing the energy reminiscent to that of Philomina’s character in the Godfather. This is followed by Mammootty’s grand second entry (the first one happened before the flashback) and incessant flow of witty dialogues, which builds Vava’s character and the supporting players

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