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Year of the DON


The Chinese have a habit of naming each year as the year of a specific animal. According to the Chinese calendar, 2006 is the year of the DOG. But according to the Malayalam Movie Calendar specifically, 2006 is the year of THE DON.

2006 Onam witnessed two DON movies. Dileep trying desperately to belong to the club of the action heroes by doing Shaji Kailas’ DON. His character was the typical DON – bang bang enemies. Mammotty , the once-upon-a-time-DON [Samrajyam, Athirathram etc] also donned the role of Current Bhargavan – an unusual underworld DON, facing an identity crisis in BhargavaCharitham Moonnam Khandam. [It was not long ago that Mammotty played Karakkamuri Shanmughan – a real DON in Ranjith’s Black and Tharadas in Balram Vs Tharadas.] While Dileep’s DON went about shooting his enemies, Mammotty’s DON went weak in the knees, when he even raised a stick to beat them up.

That all these DON’s bombed is another matter.

Undeterred by the failure, Mammotty is doing yet another DON role directed by cinematographer – Amal Neerad and has stylized costumes for the same.

Mohan Lal is also rumored to do “Chotta Mumbai” and “Ali Bhai” – both of which will no doubt showcase his Meesha-pirikkals and Mundu-Madakki Adi. Looks like he never learnt his lesson from Praja/Onnaman and Thandavam.

Not to be outdone, the KING of action movies thought it was high time he too joined the DON circus. He took his AK 47 and shouted “SHITTTU..Innaaa pidicho randu DON“. Suresh Gopi, has two DON movies in hand. One as Dayashankar – a DON of Pyara-Pyara-Kochin-Town [as Usha Uthup puts it] in Bada Dosth and another as Madhavan, a DON, in Smart City – again Kochi as backdrop. [If an American watches Malayalam movies, he will no doubt compare Kochi to a Mafia-infested Chicago, as all action is happening around there]

The scene shifts to Bollywood. As if taking a clue from his Malayali siblings, Shah Rukh Khan thought “If Dileep can become a DON, why not me”. Deepavali sees Shah Rukh “trying” to reinvent/remix Amithabh’s old classic DON.

Considering the overall fate of DON movies this year, it will be a big surprise if the upcoming DON movies strike gold at the BO.


  1. The less said abt the SRK Don, the better!

  2. Good Article. A director is called a creator when he has confidence in him. In our language we have very few directors who are in the calibre of Bharathan, Padmarajan or KG George or in the Caibre of Maniratnan, Murugodoss, Goutham Menon in Tamil.That is why we see such DON movies so often in Malayalam, which drives people away from Theaters, in addition to the poor state of theaters.

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