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Most Malayalam movies have a length of about two and half hours. Usually most stories don’t hold for this length, so the film makers fill it with songs  which look odd. In Lion, Dileep who plays a politician and Kavya Madhavan who plays a school teacher go to New Zealand to dance. Obviously the plane ticket was bought using the politician’s money.  Most of the movies also have some comedy track involving Cochin Haneefa, Harisri Asokan and Salim Kumar with their own thread which goes tangential to the main story.    

Due to this, the focus and intensity of the main story is often lost. Director Renjith, after the failure of Prajapathy is trying a new experiment with a movie which is only 90 minutes long. The movie titled Kaiyoppu stars Mammotty and Khushboo and was filmed in a very short time as well. This 300th movie of Mammotty has only six other actors in it.

“This is a story that has never been told before. I consider the role close to my heart because it is unique,” Mammootty, 54, told IANS.

“I play Balachandran who works as a clerk in a fertiliser company, is a bachelor and a voracious reader. He is working on a book but gets a writer’s block,” he said of his role.

The plot takes a turn when he gets to know a 12-year-old girl on the lookout for financial assistance for her ailment.

His concern for the girl, though he never sees her, is the film’s main story. Also in the cast is Khushboo, who walks out of a bad marriage and into Balachandran’s radar.

“There is not a single combination shot with her (Khushboo) and all the interaction we have is through the telephone after we establish contact afresh,” said the three-times national award-winning actor.

What finally happens after Balachandran gets over the writer’s block is the real suspense of the film. [‘Kaioppu’ role close to my heart: Mammootty]

We like this welcome trend and Renjith’s new experiment. With the challenges facing the movie industry from the gazillion TV channels new formats and new styles have to be tried to make viewers come to theatres. If shorter movies become the trend, then comedy side tracks might be a thing of the past and Cochin Haneefa or Salim Kumar will not be able to make it to the Guiness Book for playing the village idiot the maximum number of times.


  1. Another ‘short” movie that was released recetly was Bharatchandran IPS. It was exactly 2 hours. Thankfully we were spared of the songs.

  2. I am looking forward to this one already… have an ingling in my mind, that this is one movie that might set a few new trends…

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