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Why Prithviraj or other young actors are needed


(Reader Raphel Lazar left a comment on our Review Roundup on Classmates analyzing what is wrong in Malayalam Film Industry. The comment was long and he expressed many points worth thinking about that we are publishing it as an article)

Since this is the only forum to express the state of affairs of once great Malayalam film industry, I take this opportunity to highlight the worms in the industry as a simple lover of films. I am not writing on behalf of anybody or taken money, which is not required since I am working as a Senior Executive in Multinational Company earning very good salary.

I grew up watching the movies of Sathyan, Nazir and others who exchanged roles and acted together without ego. I was an active member of TVM Surya Film Society in the early eighties during my professional college days. Only Satyan could offer the difference in acting style, which he depicted with ease, the free acting style without struggling. Then came Sukumaran and Jayan who excelled in certain roles.

The dramatic change happened when Mammotty and Lal came. But I do not think anyone can watch the movies of both actors during their early days, though we could observe a better approach in their acting. The flashes here and there occurred when MT, Hariharan, KG George, Bharatan (who created the best campus film of all time Chamaram), Padmarajan, Mohan etc did the job for them. Then we had the blessings of good directors Sibi, Priyan (most of his movies were good copycats, but made differently), Satyan etc. Other directors excelled only when everything clicked. Good directors make good movies most of the time.

Now when, after the early struggle, the two M&Ms became super stars we had lots of movies, some of which were simply great. They started doing better in their late thirties only. Till then they never had any role worth remembering. The same yardstick applies to anybody. All the great actors in India or Hollywood struggled in their early times, which is the law of nature. Most of their good roles came from creative directors, not from the likes of Joshy, etc.

Now, when Prithvi came lots of things happened and mostly every actor tried to isolate him. May be everyone thought of him as a threat, which we failed understand. How come a guy of 21 years would be a threat for very senior and established ones? We as simple viewers were watching all these dramas. With very good support from most of the Film weeklies and other media they tried to do this. We could see a difference in his acting, if you are neutral, which is the reason why Fans associations became active in his tender age, including an active member in the name of the then Cochin Mayor. No other actor has created such an impact in the initial days.

Obviously the existing stars who want everyone to struggle tried everything possible to outcast him. We have as ordinary film goers seen all these dramas and these forces were successful in clubbing him among the poor hapless young actors, who failed to get any good movies. What happened to Naren (a.k.a Sunil ) after the success of Achuvinte Amma? I have seen a weekly pointing out the canned movies of young stars, including Seetha Kalyanam, everyone knows it is Jayaram movie, which was given as Indrajit’s movie. When Boban could dance superbly in one movie, the supporters of his co-Super star started booing simply due to jealousy.

The growth of any industry depends of blossoming of youngsters, along with experience. In Tamil, Vijay’s father makes movie with Naren. Kamal, Rajani, Vikram, Surya and Vijay attend functions of other young actor’s movies. Does it happen in Kerala? In Kerala, everyone thinks only his movie should win all other should fail. This is the basic problem our industry is facing. Also, lack of good directors and scriptwriters ramp up the problems further. Due to the availability of lots of options every director in other languages make their own time to make good scripts and selects good actors for that.

Now, everyone should think why Prithvi got very good movies in Tamil, not only for his looks but free acting, which many of my Tamil friends appreciated. Think why most of the talented actresses are crossing over to other languages. In Malayalam they will act, as sisters of the senior actors or in insignificant roles. The Industry became super star oriented which blocks making good movies which is the reasons why only active movie goers watch movies and why many of the theaters closing down. If this trend continues the end of Malayalam industry is very near, especially since Keralites are watching lesser movies.

In Chennai, any Telugu movie runs for weeks together when Malayalam Movies rarely run for two weeks, even though the Malayalee population is much higher compared to Telugu people. The main theater, which was showing only Malayalam closed down. What is the reason? People fed up with a repeat of ministers or cops with same pattern or rowdy, or sizzling with young girls who are half their ages.

Now, to remember the characters of Prithviraj, whatever he played at his young age in movies like Violence, Vargam, Satyam (only he was very good), Classmates, Vellithira, Ammakilikoodu, and Muthuvinte… etc. he enacts them with ease hence we do not notice them and he set a standard in acting, which is his own. The performance in Anandabhadram is not far from excellent. If you are comparing him with senior actors then it is insane. He is just 24 and the great actors are experienced more than that. No other actor has ever acted so brilliantly at this age.The other young actors like Naren, Jaysuria, Boban, Indrajit. etc are the torchbearers of the future. Keeping the respect to the senior actors we appeal to have better cooperation, shedding of ego, appreciation of others performance etc., will make the industry strong which is a big job market in Kerala like any language. Please do not destroy it due to short sightedness.


  1. In some message somebody criticised Dileep´s acting and compared him nowhere near Prithviraj. Its not at all a fact. Leaving his character most of his performances are very good. Can you imagine a movie like Kunjikoonan, Chandupottu , or Chakkaramuthu or evan Meesamadhavan with Prithviraj. You may say it is mimicry, but can you do that mimicry?. If that performances are all mimicry then I can well say Prithviraj is imitating Mohanlal in most of the movies. That smile also a some kind of imitation. He is such an overrated actor by varnachithram. What is there in Vasthavam to get a state award ? May be it s the best performance from him till date. thats all.

  2. JK, yes Dileep has done those roles very well, but he falters when he tries to do macho roles for example Don. It looks very funny when Dileep tries to beat up people because most villains are 10 times bigger than Dileep. Most heroines are also taller than him and that is also very funny.

    He can do mimicry roles, but if you don’t get out of it you don’t survive. Look what happened to Jayaram.

  3. I am an avid malayalam film viewer and a big fan of Padmarajan films. Like many have said before me, pls don’t compare the 2 M’s with Prithvi. Can you compare a 40 year old Senior Project Manager to a 24 year old extremely competent developer. can’t. Prithvi is the 24 yo competent developer. He will definitely make more noise at 30-32 than the 2 M’s did at that age. But will he give a Chitram, Nammakku Paarkkan, Kilukkam, Kireedom…well, that depends on his luck and mebbe some more maturity. But for his age right now, he is more fabulous than even Rahman was. That is what i would compare Prithvi with -> Rahman of yesteryear.

  4. I hv got to agree with Unni and Vackachan.Prithviraj is definitely not a bad actor, he’s good, and versatile with his role, BUT NOT with his work or expressions.A whole lot of comparisons can be done wih wht he’s done in his movies…frankly, I find absolutely NO improvement in Prithviraj, from Nandanam to which one, One way Ticket???He repeats wht he’s already done in 30 soemthing movies…the tamilians have not seen anything like tht so far, but soon, they r also sure to get tired of Prithviraj, since he brings in nothing new to his work. For him, an emotional scene is where you SCREAM OUT dialogues…and he’s done tht in each and every movie of his.Compare all his songs…like the latest one with his firends in Thirakkada and some others…his expressions, his actions, everything’s the same…I’m tired of the guy.

    I heard soembody talk about his work in Sathyam and vargam…please, he simply dint fit into the cop roles…he was far way from the body language tht he shud hv achieved for the roles…and then ther’s the Colloquial Muslim slang tht he uses in Vargam, against Devan, I think…its evident he does no homework when it comes to all this.

    Prithviraj is good wen compared to the rest of the others, but that’s simply because his competition here’s bad..Pls dont compare him with M n M…..esp with Mohanlal.He has a looong way to go, and judging by wht he’s doing these days, I dont think he’ll be able to make it. He’s incapable of giving a solo hit,non of the hits tht he’s had in mal or Tamil can be attributed to him…..for tht matter, only Mozhi succeeded n Tamil, but tht was mainly due to its excellent script , and the fact tht it was Jyothika’s last movie gave it excellent pblicity + it was the combined effort of all of them..Jyothika, Prakash Raj and Prithviraj. If Jyothika hadnt been thee, noboy would hv even bothered to wach the mvoie simpyl bcoz there’s no hit director and Prithvi-Prakash combination wasn’t known then.Look wht happened to Vellithirai. And tht’s where another comparison can be made….the scne in Mozhi where she shouts at Jyo, and the scene form Vellithirai where he shouts at Gopika….its all the same…the smae movements the same expressions…I guess the tamilians have begun to see thru him, and thts probably the reason his movies are not doing well these days…The only thing tht can sustain him is his good looks, but tht too, will soon be gone, because of his receding hairline.Indrajith is an excellent actor. Simply superb. Stole the show in Classmates, and Baba Kalyani and many other movies

  5. I agree that we need new young actors. to be honest, i’m tried of watching Mohanlal and mammootty movies, i feel that we should have new actors because our culutre has changed so much. i’m not saying that mohanlal and mammooty should not act again but their time is over and they should let young people to show off their talents.

  6. can anyone tell one film of Prithviraj that ran 100 days? thats how one becomes superstar.
    mammootty/mohanlalhad many 100+ day films in belt before they spoke out to media. Or did they speak out much even if they had success.

    Prithviraj blabbers a lot, and that guy can’t understand that he doesn’t have acting skills. He look like a timid person with bodily strength..

  7. Young actors list
    1.jayasurya=mohanlal 2.prithiviraj=mamootty 3.inrajith=suresh gopi 4.chakochan=jayaram 5.mukesh= Naran 6.DILEEP=ASIF ALI

  8. it’s unfair to compare the younger stars with the newbies….

    yu cant compare a mohanlal,mammootty or a dileep with jayasurya,pritvi et al…

    ms are in a different league altogether,in terms of acting and talent.period

  9. I disagree with some facts here. That you said the Ms turned out good only in their late 30s. This is true for Mammotty. But Mohanlal was rather young with his acting accomplishments. He turned into a major star in his mid 20s. And won his first Kerala state award at 26. By the time he did Kireedam he was in his late 20s (28 or 29) and that fetched him his first National award. If you compare that yardstick to Prithviraj, he’s obviously below Lal in the rankings. And it should worthwhile to compare them both as both stared films at age 19-20 range. Sure Lal was lucky enough to get good scripts in the 80s. But so has Prithviraj been lucky this past few years. From City of God to Ayyalum Nyagnum Thammil to Cellouid to Mumbai Police to Memories. But they are all great movies first and foremost to the great scripts and director. As an actor Prithviraj is just ok in my view. Lal is at another level all together, especially in his peak during late 80s and early 90s.

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