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  1. This lady inspired by M.S.Subalakshmi wanted to be a singer, instead became an actress. Her first film was `Sreerama Pattabhishekam,’ in which she played Mandodari. When she was 21 she played the mother of Madhu and Sathyan in Thommante Makkal. Who is this lady who is still around?
  2. “I want to make only 10 films in my life but those films should have something to tell the audience,” he says. This director, just one film old had a dream debut directing Mohanlal and the movie turned out to be a box office hit. He is now working on his second film after a gap. Who is this director?
  3. Unlike the typical Malayali heroine, this lady did not quit after marriage. In fact she is doing some of her best work and some of it very glamorous after marriage. Her performance in `Bhavum’ as a lecturer who goes through a turbulent patch in her marital life won her the special mention of the jury in the National Film Awards. Who is she?
  4. Kerala has always produced excellent cinemotographers like Santosh Sivan and Ravi K. Chandran. “Shooting with three cameras right in the middle of Singapore city with your artiste hanging in a 75-metre high crane, was physically taxing” says this cinemotographer of his latest work, a blockbuster Hindi film. Who is he?
  5. He started his career by producing the film ‘Oru Maymasa Pulariyil’ with a bunch of friends. Later he became one of the most prominent script writers of Malayalam creating larger than life images for Mohanlal and Mammotty. Then he turned to direction and made a wide range of movies dealing with different topics with and without the superstars. He feels that politicians are insincere and that only a sort of benevolent patriarch, can guide the people and help them. Who is this person?

Try to answer the questions without using any search engine. Leave your answers in the the comments box. The answers will be published on Monday and the person who gets all the answers right first will get a special gift from 🙂

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  1. 1. Kaviyoor Ponnamma
    2. Roshan Andrews
    3. Mita Vasisht
    4. Santosh Thundayil
    5. Ranjith

  2. 1.Sreevidhya
    2.Roshan Andrews
    4.Santhosh Thundiyil

  3. 1.Kaviyoor Ponnamma
    2.Roshan Andrews
    4.Santhosh Thundiyil

  4. 1.Kaviyur Ponnamma

    2. Roshaaan Andrews

    3. Jyothirmayi

    4. Santhosh Thundiyil. Incidentally he is Karan Johar’s favorite cameraman too

    5. Kaloor dennis (?)

  5. sukumari
    Roshan androose

  6. 1.kaviyur ponamma
    2.roshan andrews

    dont know whether its correct but havent used any search engine…

  7. Kaviyoor Ponnamma
    Roshan Andrews
    Santosh Thundiiayil

  8. 1) Kaviyoor Ponnamma
    2) Roshan Andrews
    3) Jyothirmayi
    4) Santhosh Thundiyil
    5) Ranjith?

  9. 1. Kaviyoor Ponnamma
    2. Roshan Andrews
    3. Jyothirmai
    4. Santosh Thundiiayil
    5. Renjith

  10. 1. Kaviyoor Ponnamma
    2. Rosshan Andrews
    3. Jyothirmayi
    4. Santhosh Thundiyal
    5. Ranjith

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