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This Onam season, like all other Onam seasons too saw the release of movies from all the major and minor players in the film industry. The M&M’s had Bharghava Charitham Moonnam Ghantam and Mahasamudram. Suresh Gopi flew the Pathaka and Dileep became a Don. There was only problem though – they all disappointed.

We are not talking about the financial aspect here. Most superstar movies have die hard fans and the fans go to see the movie whatever be the content. If you project a still image of M&M’s for 3 hours, there will be people who would suggest that they should get national award for that performance. Producers realize this and have started releasing as many prints as possible to maximize the gain in the shortest possible time. Bhargavacharitham is expected to recover the investment in first three weeks.

These movies disappointed in terms of content. Srinivasan who wrote classics like Nadodikaatu and Sanmanasullavarku Samadhan came up with Bharghava Charitham Moonnam Ghantam which fell short of expectations. In Mahasamudram, Mohanlal acted as the same old golden-hearted, all-sacrificing protagonist who will go to any extent for the good of his people. If he acts in one more movie like this, he might enter the Guiness book for the same role played the maximum number of times.

If Mohanlal acted in the same role many times, Shaji Kailas came up with only type of movie he knows to make yet another time. The attraction was Dileep plays a Don and people yawned. Suresh Gopi once again played a minister or cop or something in Pathaka and frankly no one cared.

The surprise hit of Onam was not any star movie, but one filled with minor planets. The movie Classmates directed by Lal Jose, written by debutant James Albert and starring Prithviraj, Indrajith, Jayasurya, Sunil and Kavya Madhavan excited everyone with its freshness. The movie proved that with a well-written script and good direction, the younger generation stars too can work miracles. It was not a classic film, but a well made nostalgia evoking lovable film which may be the revival of a new trend in Malayalam.

As viewers we don’t want to see another All Sacrificing Brother movie or mindless comedy movie since we have seen such movies many times over with different cast. The success of Classmates may not change the trend suddenly, but atleast it will show producers that the power of a well written script should not be underestimated.


  1. At the cost of sounding like a Lal Jose campwaala, I shud admit that I have been absolutely impressed with what this young man has been coming up with, of late. Classmates, as u rightly pointed out, is not the best ever Mallu film, but remains absolutely adorable nevertheless!

  2. Pity that we dont have upcoming directors of the calibre of Blessy and Lal Jose. One major reason why the two M’s suvived over a period of 25 years or so was because of the excellent directors during their period such as Bharathan, Padmarajan, Aravindan and also people like Sathyan Anthikad, IV Sasi and Joshy were at their peak

  3. Velu, except for stuff like Rasikan, Lal Jose has made some excellent movies. Though initially he was glued to Dileep, he seems to have found his niche and is now a bankable director by himself.

  4. Unni, Now a days, as Alex Mathew said in his interview, producers are out to make a quick buck. They don’t care about the quality or if the story has been repeated thousand times. If only they spent more time in writing than filming, the end product would be much better.

  5. Classmates was a wonderful film. I went to see the film solely because it was directed by Lal Jose. I have seen earlier films of this guy and was deeply impressed. Classmates only adds to his reputaion.

    Songs are simple and memorable, story is powerful and gripping and direction is near-perfect.

  6. The movie Classmates is great withpowerful performane by the younger brigade led by the vibrant Prithvi. Direction and music along with screen pay are very good. It is movies mater or else we end up so called Superstars roaming around TV cahnnels projecting their movies and Dileep got this act in his last two poor movies Chess and Pachakutira. But DON since no hope at all he didnot try it.
    We need healthy film culture here with lots of big actors of seniors and Juniors with good Directors like Blessy Roshan Padmakumar, Lal Jose etc. The old directors must quit or else we get filth like Balram or Bhargavan etc.

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