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Review Roundup : Don


It seems Dileep’s planned image makeover has hit a roadblock and reviewers are unanimous in their verdict. People who have been watching Shaji Kailas movies for the past decade or so could predict the story of this movie even before the first scene was projected.

Rediff says:

Dileep has been trying to graduate in doing full-fledged action roles for a while now with films like Runway and Lion, which got mixed reactions at the box-office.It was his long cherished dream to work with the stylish director Shaji Kailas, but he may not have bargained for this. The film does not do anything good for him. Dileep won’t like to remember his character in The Don because it is reduced to a caricature of what an action hero is supposed to be.

Indiaglitz comments:

Dileep seems to be in the notion that graduating into an action star is the only way to stay in the superstardom in Malluwood. Someone needs to tell him immediately that what we loved in him was the next-door youth image that he displayed in a variety of his hits and those like Chanthupottu and Meesa Madhavan that he worked out into perfection.

Dileep had a long cherished dream to work with the action film supremo of Malluwood Shaji Kailas, but what he bargained could never be this. The film does not do anything good for him. Moreover the most unmatched casting in the film could definitely be Dileep himself as his lead role is reduced to a prototype of what an action hero is supposed to be. Shaji Kailas falters here in receiving the energy and appearance from his hero in Dileep and many sequences that could have received applause remains as nonstarters. He seems to have forgotten that he is playing with a hero with little experience in delivering punch dialogues or histrionics ala Mammootty or Suresh Gopi, his favorites in the genre. The plot which reminds of a 70’s bollywood revenge saga is told in episodes separated by English taglines all through the movie. says:

Shaji Kailas and Dileep’s coming together for the first time was considered as big news in Malayalam Cinema. But their first venture together, titled The Don, is a letdown, despite some good technical back-up and considerably good acting too. While the first half of the film is okay the post-interval portion is just unbearable.

Unnikrishnan’s father and mother are killed by his own uncle when he was just ten. He himself runs away from the assassin and takes refuge with a tea-shop owner. When his uncle comes before him again, the little boy shoots him dead and lands up in a juvenile home. Eighteen years later, Unnikrishnan has no one to call his own and is on the lookout for a job.

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