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Review Roundup:Classmates


Classmates is acclaimed as the winner among the Onam releases . Reviewers are impressed by the craftsmanship of director Lal Jose and the promise extended by writer James Albert’s debut. Success of this movie gives hopes for revival of good cinema and a precursor for welcome changes in malayalam cinema industry. comments:

Classmates, director Lal Jose’s Onam offering, sends very positive signals as far as the Malayalam film industry is concerned. The refreshingly different film proves that with the back-up of a well-written script and good direction, the younger generation stars too can work miracles.

For the older generation, Classmates is a nostalgic trip down memory lane to college days. At the same time the film has ingredients that would satisfy the younger generation. Classmates may not be an outstanding film, but it is a well-made nostalgia evoking, lovable film that may even herald the beginning of a new trend in Malayalam Cinema.

Velu writes

Lal Jose is a director with such acute sensibility, that a tricky film as Classmates, albeit it’s countless probabilities of jeopardy, remains all secure in his competent hands. A brilliant craftsman in his own right, he cautiously spins a striking yarn that sets for itself a distinctive place among the multitude of analogous films that had thronged the big screen over the ages. Aided with some impressive scribbles from James Albert’s pen, ample performances from his leading cast, Ravi’s spectacular camera that at times works wonders and an absolutely delectable musical score by the ever-dependable Alex Paul, Lal Jose scores a massive whopper this time around; one that emphatically affirms that the man is here to stay.

Classmates is all about love, laughter and loyalty. Its all about revenge, retribution and reprisal. Its all about faith, forgiveness and fallacy. And it’s all about good cinema. says:

Your college days are supposed to be the best time in your life. There have been many films set in campus with all its fun and sorrow. Who can forget the Padmarajan-Bharathan classic Chamaram, K.G.George’s Ulkadal, Venu Nagavally’s Sukhamo Devi and Sarvakalasala or Mohan’s Shalini Ente Kootukari?

Well, Classmates can be included along with the batch of our all-time great campus stories in Malayalam. In the era of the all powerful superstars, Lal Jose has made a great entertainer which tugs your heart strings and features lesser mortals. The B-team of actors Pritviraj, Indrajeet, Jayasurya, Narain, Kavya and a new girl Radhika come out with flying colours. No two ways about it, that they are the future of Malayalam cinema.

MusicIndiaOnline says :

The film has well-etched roles for all the characters. Prithviraj and Kavya have done good job especially in emoting. However, Indrajith is the top performer and his timing in renditions is commendable. He is going to go places from here. Naren ala Sunil has done a great job though his role is small. Other actors like Balachandra Menon, Vijeesh, Jagathy, Shobha Mohan, Suja and Radhika have all done justice to their roles. The director has thrown in good amount of emotions and suspense to the film. Scriptwriter James Albert’s classy narration is one of the strengths of the film.

On the whole, it is a good entertainer. It is sure to set a new trend. Go, watch the film and have fun!

Paresh C Palicha in :

Malayalam cinema sees its Youngsters’ Club uniting in Lal Jose’s Classmates, as young guns Prithviraj, brother Indrajith, Jayasurya and Narain (formerly known as Sunil) come together to give us a campus caper with a difference, mixing and matching numerous genres to tell the story. There is lots going on, right from the start. Violence is the first thing established, before we are jolted with the realisation that it happened many years ago. From this point on, we know this is not going to be an easy, superficial film talking about achievements and disappointments of a generation in a hunky-dory manner.The film tries to bring out complicated individual relationships and emotions in a story peppered with mystery, mayhem and death.


  1. Tired of films from the M-stars, I had little hope when I went for classmates. But Lal jose doesnt disappoints anybody. campus politics, silent love, kavitha, nostalgia, suspense, drama everything is there. Hope people will give deserving notice for the new comers like Prithviraj.

    The best film in recent years.

  2. Athul, I agree. Malayalam cinema needs people like Lal Jose and James Albert. They are the future. I am glad I ignored both M&M movies and the Dileep one this Onam time. Classmates is one beautiful movie.

  3. A very beautiful movie. Don’t miss it !!!

  4. Defying all megastar and king size onslaughts classmates turns out to be the successful onam movie. It’s the treatment and casting that made all the difference. Had the director committed any fault this film would have been ended up a big failure, as the storyline is vulnerable to be complicated. Kudos to Laljose and crew for making a simple, pleasing movie.

    We can’t see in this film the campus we do in Karan Johar movies, colorful celebrations, bikes, swanky cars, cargos and skimpily dressed heroines. It’s the story of a lost legacy.

    There was no coca cola and burger, there were no computers, internet, emails and believe me there were no mobile phones…surely there was literature, politics and pranayam (love).

    I believe director and cameraman were successful in bringing alive the erstwhile campus of the pre-degree era.

    I was amazed that I couldn’t see Laljose’s usual wide-angle shots, tilting from treetops. I don’t know whether its Rajeev Ravi’s influence. However it produced a different Lal Jose film.

    The way the scriptwriter revealed the hidden love between Prithvi and Kavya faulted somewhere, the result, an unwanted commotion. The dialogue sequence in the chemistry lab sounds very artificial and out dated- even though it is the story of an outdated tradition.

    Sometimes i doubted if there were only six students in the college, the writer failed to convey the pulse of the entire campus unlike what we experienced in films like sarvakalasala and sukhamodevi.

    Yet classmates is a relief and tugs at some nostalgic strings…especially for people like me who enjoyed the charms of the now-extinct pre degree to the fullest.

  5. Congrates for 100% collection
    Really a heart touching story. If I didnt see, then it will be a great loss. I written a story named “Punarjanmam” that its story resembles to this movie. So thats why this story touched my heart and also my friends say….
    Congrats to the director Laljose
    Good luck

  6. an excellent movie…….made by craftsman…..LALJOSE…
    a break 4 our young star…..prithvi raj

  7. A very beautiful movie. Don’t miss it !!!

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  9. A movie that leaves you in a sort of trans. The name sounds like a usual campus movie but what i saw on screen was much beyond expectation. Very mature performances by all the young stars..naren n “rasiya” stole the show with their silent but beautiful “ente khalbile” love story. a never before attempt, hats off to lal jose. a very positive movie…only such brave attempts by actors n directors..will make a difference..good going!! CONGRATS TO THE ENTIRE CREW.!!

  10. superb film & songs too.must watch!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Yeah, it’s now exactly 15 years, being a batch of 90’s it really recreated the nostalgia. Something special is in this movie and that’s nothing else, realistic measure of 90’s campus! Political rivalry, love, fun, silent romantic moods, music, literature, cultural activities…yes, this movie has taken me 15 years back. Campus moods with SFI & KSU rivalry has been recreated. Silent love too….me too loved a ‘penguin’. Where’s she now? Life has changed in big way now….
    Simply great, as we know we cannot back to that good old days…..
    It really leaves a lump in my throat….where is she now?

  12. I am from the same batch 1989-92. I wanted to watch it a second time but avoided since I was not sure whether I will end up crying or not.

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