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Music review : Aananchantham


Shyama vaanil
Sung by: Akhila

A promising voice and an amazing rendition. I liked her rendition than G. Venugopal’s because of the freshness of the voice, the easness, involvement and bhaavam in rendition. Offer me anything that would give me a full night’s kick, but I will anytime pick Akhila’s rendition in this song over anything in this world!


Beautiful and divine composition, but the singer has failed to emote the song promptly. When it comes to the high notes, the singer sings in a fake voice, not in an open throated voice and that’s what fails this song. Very divine lyrics and music but the singer fails this song.

Venal vanikayil
Sung by: D. Devanand

Another nice composition, but the singer strains when it comes to the high notes in this song. (listen to the anupallavi and charanam of this song). I think the audioblogosphere has better voices to offer to the industry.

Shyama vaanil
Sung by: G. Venugopal

I have to say Akhila beats Venu in the rendition of this song. Venu has done a great job on this song but still I prefer Akhila over Venu for this song.

One thing I hated about the whole album is the repeatation of the songs. Venal Vanikayil, Shyaama Vaanil and Thakida Thakida repeats twice in this album. The song Thakida Thakida is a kind of song that we do not want to hear twice in the album. Also the song Venal Vanikayil. This is one of the reasons that our music industry fails on the sales. If they had included songs even if those don’t apprear in the movie, it would boost the sales. Take “Akale” for an example.

Guruvayur Unnikannanu
Sung by: Madhu Balakrishnan

Beautiful song, orchestration and rendition. This song is one of the two songs that you would want to hear again and again from this album. (the other one being Shyaama Vaanil by Akhila). This song suits the voice of Madhu Balakrishnan. The base tone and bhaavam in his voice can never be beaten than any other voice in the Malayalam music industry than K. J. Yesudas in the 80’s. Another thing you would love about this song is the sitar interlude before the charanam (second stanza) in the orchestration. You would want to hear it again and again.

Another thing I noticed listening to the songs in this album and the songs from “Moonnaamathoraal” is, “Guruvayur” and ” Kannan” are being cliched in the recent Malayalam songs, just like the Valluvanaadan slang in the movies.

Arikil Varoo
Sung by: Nasnin, Rakesh Brahmanandan

I don’t know if Rakesh is the son of the famous stage singer Brahmanandan, but he is a promising talent. Nasnin also did a good job, but the bhaavam in Rakesh’s voice beats anything. The orchestration and the composition reminds us of some old song from the 80’s, but its still a beautiful feeling.

Overall, Jaison J. Nair seems to be a promising talent to the Malayalam music industry if he keeps maintaining the standard he kept during the first work. And he has come up with some fresh and promising talents in this album. I think its high time that the music directors think beyond K. J. Yesudas and M. G. Sreekumar because we have so many talents in our state who can give a run for the others a run for their money.

Author: Jo

For bloggers, Jo needs no introduction. He is a wonderful singer, composer, website designer and the creator of the first Malayalam podcast on Internet.


  1. Hi Jo:
    Nice article, your views mirror mine. I was also surprised by how well Rakesh has evoked the feeling. Please do check out my review on the same too.

  2. Hi KK, Thanks. I will checkout your review.

  3. Jochulu,

    Rakesh singer Brahmanandannte makan thanneyanu

  4. Thank you Thulasi! 🙂 njaanum athu thanneyaa aalochiche!

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