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Review Roundup: Mahasamudram

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The Onam season seems to be the time of bad movies from both M&Ms (Mammotty and Mohanlal). After we got disappointing reviews of Mammotty’s Bhargava Charitram.. , here comes bad reviews for Mohanlal’s Mahasamudram.

Paresh Palicha writes in

His motivation to do this film was that it offered him the opportunity to play a fisherman for the first time in his long career. But his characterisation offers him nothing to chew upon. He is the same old golden-hearted, all-sacrificing protagonist who will go to any extent for the good of his people; it’s a role he has done many times before. He looks out-of-form when one considers the high standards he has set for himself. He performed with zeal even in the recent Rasathantram or Naran. But, here, he seems like he is just going through the motions. Very disappointing.Debutant director Dr S Janardhanan, who is also the writer of this film, seems to have no control on the sub-plots that are left halfway without any conclusion. Whatever is solid in the story seems to be borrowed. Mohanlal has his first disappointing film in the year 2006.

Sify Movies writes

What is the safest way to make a box-office hit in Malayalam? Hire Mohanlal and get to rework his mass formula- a larger-than-life do gooder, punch line dialogues, some adipoli songs plus at least four kidilan fight scenes!The magic formula works once again in Mahsamudram a film strictly for his fans directed by Dr S.Janardhanan, a television serial maker who has nothing new to offer. In fact Janardhanan has helped himself by taking scenes from various films and the climax is a straight lift from a Telugu film Sye. And Innocent’s character reminds you so much of what he had done earlier in Sathyan Anthikkad’s Manasinakkare.
There is absolutely no chemistry between Mohanlal and Laila, as she looks fragile and timid with hardly anything to do. Mohanlal does his usual superman act and steers this uneven film on his broad shoulders to the winning post. At the best, Mahasamudram is just a time pass Mohanlal masala for Onam sadya

But then, who cares about reviews?

One Comment

  1. This is yet another stale movie with nothing new to see. Oh yeah, Mohanlal is acting as fisherman. This movie cannot be compared to Chemmeeen and Amaram at all.

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