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Preview : The Don



From the funny guy next door image, Dileep has come a long way. If you compare his C.I.D.Moosa days, he has come a really long long way. As an actor he has been very smart about planning his career. Knowing what happened to actors like Jayaram who got stuck in the family guy image, Dileep has taken steps to act in a range of movies varying from Chanthupottu to Chess. In Don he joins hands with Shaji Kailas who gave birth and re-birth to a very angry Suresh Gopi who juggles guns, women and grenades with ease.

Don is a typical gangster movie in typical style. It is the rites of passage in the life of an innocent man Unnikrishnan who ends up as a dreaded gangster Salaam (Dileep).

Unnikrishnan is sucked into a vortex of crime and violence by events that are beyond his control. His parents are killed in his midst and he is also jailed for a murder committed by some one else.

In one word, fate is conspiring against him. And then fate smiles ever so impishly at him by winning him an acquaintance with a rich man Qasim (Lal). It is a strange twist, and from then on it is all out action and adventure as Unni now as Salaam is not ready to take fate lying down. It is all an explosive action film, says the director.[The Don – A dawn, actually]

The movie has a huge star cast consisting of Gopika, Pooja, Lal, Lalu Alex, Shammi Thilakan, Sai Kumar, and Manianpilla Raju. The movie also uses spot editing by Don Max, which was used by Shaji Kailas in Chintamani Kola Case as well. The story is by M. Ranjith and screenplay by J.Pallassery.

Dileep played a gangster kind of character in Runway, so that is not new. He played a revenge seeking character in Chess (for parents being killed), so the story is also not new. The novelty of this movie is not in the story, but in the fact that this is the first time Dileep is doing a Shaji Kailas movie. How exciting.

How much of a novelty is that will be seen depending on how bored people are with other movies and how curious they are to see Dileep performing stunts and speaking English and Malayalam in the same breath. Looking at the way reviewers have ripped apart M&M’s blockbusters, Bhargava Charitram and Mahasamudram, it looks like people don’t have much tolerance for bad movies in this Onam season.

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