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Review Roundup: Bhargava Charitram Moonam Ghantam

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Sreenivasan, the wonderful script writer who gave us movies like Nadodikaatu and Udayananu Thaaram seems to have lost his mojo with this rehash of Analyze This. The reviewers have found fault with director Joemon and Mammootty as well.

Sify writes

Mammootty’s Sreenivasan written Bhargava Charitham Moonam Khandam (BCMK) promised to be different but 30 minutes into the film, it all comes crashing down. The title itself is a misnomer as only Sreenivasan knows what it means? All the vital elements of a good comedy film are unfortunately missing and the script is totally confusing

The film would have been a rocking entertainer if the director and the scriptwriter had stuck to the original. Why did they have two ladies Padmapriya and Nikhita who have nothing to do in the script? Sreenivasan has more number of scenes than Mammootty and he looks old and haggard and his expressions are predictable and stale. The only scene in which he scores and brings laughter is when he becomes the human cannon ball in a circus troupe. Mammootty looks disinterested in the proceedings. On the plus side, Manoj Pillai’s camera has beautifully etched out Athirapally locales.[Sify Movies]

Paresh Palicha writes

Sadly, what Sreenivasan brings to the table as a writer is — to put it mildly – very disappointing. The now popular premise of the coming together of a mafia don and a psychoanalyst is used merely as an excuse for both actors to be in the same film and do their own thing. There is no novelty or freshness to their characters or styles. There are many such gems spread throughout the film, inducing forced chuckles, but never full-throated laughter.[Mammootty disappoints]

Indiaglitz says:

The story revolves around a notorious underworld Don of Kochi called ‘Current Bhargavan’ (Mammootty), who is always accompanied by funny looking goons (Johny and Mohan Jose). The present problem of the Don is that he has lost confidence and can’t pick up a gun or be violent anymore. He accidentally hears the oration of world renowned psychiatrist Dr Shantharam (Sreenivasan), who boasts that he can even treat Bin Laden to come back to activities of peace. The Don then forcefully acquires the help of the psychiatrist and that is the film’s premise. The tale which look good on paper and in the original, loose heart and get wasted in characteristics of buffoonery. [Barghavacharitham Moonaam Ghantam – Another let down]

One Comment

  1. So atlast has the downfall of Mammooty started?? First Prajapathy and now BCMK…

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