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Preview : Mahasamudram

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It’s quite surprising that Mohanlal in his long career has not done a fisherman role. In Malayalam movie world every actor worth his salt has done a fisherman role and Malayalees love fishermen stories like Chemmen and Amaran. Mahasamudram provides Mohanlal an opportunity to do such a role.

Here Lal is Isahak, a fisherman who has many Passions like social work and football. Isahak falls in love with Devi and get married after a short love life at sea. But their married life and happiness is short lived as Devi is arrested and jailed for murder that happened on that very same night. Isahak essentially a person good at heart is left at shore denied the joy of spending even a day with his wife. Isahak encountered with a sea of problems turns to evil, as his life is left astray with no reason for happiness.[Mahasamudram – the sea within]

Mohanlal, off late has been working with quite a few new directors like Roshan Andrews, Blessy, and Major Ravi and has found success with them. The director of this movie Dr.S.Janaradhanan is a familiar name in Malayalam TV serial circuit though this is the first time he’s directing a movie. Mahasamudram‘s script too is written by Dr.S.Janardhan. The movie had run into a lot of problems during production, but is finally getting ready to be released on 24th August to reap the Onam business.

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  1. i havent seen the film but the approach in the article i think should more critical.

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