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National Film awards going the IIFA way


Recently we discovered that in the International Indian Film Academy Awards that all nominations and awards went to Bollywood movies. South Indian movies were completely ignored and actors like Mammotty lashed out against the organizers. We agreed with Mammootty in this case.

This bias against South Indian movies is now getting institutionalized with the new controversy over the National Award. These awards were often used for doling political favours or giving a helping hand to a friend or a relative. Despite these, Malayalam films used to deservedly win awards, a lot of them. But in last few years we have seen the number of south Indian movies getting awards going down, not because they lack in quality but because of bias or ignorance.As per the news reports the winners of 53rd National awards are finalised, but is not officially released to the press yet. There is a controversy regarding whether uncensored films need to be considered for awards.

When will these names receive the official seal? According to sources in the know, the Directorate of Film Festivals (DFF) has sought legal opinion on whether the awards can be announced even before an appeal is filed against the Mumbai high court ruling allowing independent films, especially in the non-features category, to enter the NFA fray without censor certificates.

The information and broadcasting ministry’s line of argument is that censorship certificates have been made mandatory by a legally binding clause in the National Film Awards rules and regulations and that a court cannot reverse that. If necessary, the ministry will go all the way up to the Supreme Court to assert its rights to follow time-honoured rules. [ Hindustan Times reports ]

Here’s some of the information regading award winners leaked to the media: Kaal Purush directed by Budhadeb Dasgupta got the award for Best movie, Rahul Dholakia got award for Best Director for his work in Parzaniya, Amitabh Bachan is the best actor for his role in Black, Sarika the best actress for her role in Parzaniya, Naseeruddin Shah best supporting actor for his role in Iqbal, Pradeep Sarcar got award for best new director for his work in Parineeta.

If you look at past history, South Indian movies have always fared better than Bollywood ones. When you see a complete snub of Malayalam movies it is hard to believe that there was not even a single movie worth winning an award. Last year some excellent movies like Tanmathra, Achanurangatha Veedu, Daivanamathil, Saira, Kanne Madanguka and Achuvinte Amma were released.

At this point we are wondering how come Bobby Deol, Rakhi Sawant and Mallika Sherawat got bypassed.


  1. No complaints about Kalpurush: it was an excellent film. I liked it better than Tanmathra and Daivanamathil.

    But, Amitabh Bachchan for Black is a bit too much. He was just hamming in that role!

  2. A slightly related piece of news:

    Who should we send to the oscars?:

    Ever since Lagaan made it to the final nominations at the Academy Awards a couple of years ago, we seem to be focussing on slick, big Bollywood productions in an attempt to entice the West.

    It seems that these guys don’t remember Shwaas, which was the only non-Bollywood film amidst Lagaan, Devdas and Paheli.

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  4. National Film Awards ’05 to be announced, finally on May 12th

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