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Review roundup : Aanachandham


Aanachantham, after the debacle of Aswaroodan, has given Jayaraj a semblance of credibility. Most reviews find the movie good or average. Jayaram seems to have given a good performance in this movie and there is some humour and a dose of good music.

Rediff says:

Humour holds this film together. Handled by trusted performers like Innocent, Cochin Haneefa and Salim Kumar, once in a while it sparks up the audience. Jagathy Sreekumar, as the inspector from the Animal Welfare Board, stands out in some scenes.

Jayaram puts his might behind the character and tries hard to make it lifelike, but a half-baked role lets him down. On the other hand, debutante Remya Nambeesan is refreshing in bits. [Aanachantham is watchable]

Indiaglitz says:

Jayaraj could rightly be named for the most unpredictable director in terms of his films outcome. Last month, film journalists were busy to write off his earlier venture Aswaroodan which served as a nightmare for many. And in another month, with the film that he started after the ill fate of the former at the box office, Jayaraj is able to deliver his charisma of senisitive film making, with ease. This time with a film in the background of nostalgic rural outfits he is saying a story to please every families. [Aanachandam – Jayaraj bounces back]

Sify says:

There has been so many Malayalam movies made on elephants and Jayaram himself had done Pattabhisekham which was more entertaining. Added to that there is so much of mush and melodrama this makes the film more of a tearjerker than a comedy. But Jayaraj’s technical team as usual shines. A promising new music director Jaison.J.Nair is introduced and the songs are melodious. Count on the art work of Santosh Raman who has recreated the temple festival background impressively.

All in all, Aanachantham is at best passable time pass fare. [Review Aanachantham]

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