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Finally some good songs

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Recently we had gone deaf listening to the new Malayalam songs. We were dancing wild listening to Mathapoove by Jassie Gift while shouting at Deepak Dev for composing some unbearable songs like the Rashtram Theme and Kilukkam Kilukilukkam. Submerged by Malayalam Rap, we totally forgot how decent Malayalam film songs were like, you know the types composed by Bombay Ravi and Raveendran. So it was quite refreshing to listen to the songs of two new films, Anachantham and Classmates.

The music of Jayaraj’s Jayaram-Elephant starrer is by newcomer Jason J. Nair and has the kind of melodious songs we like to hear. Most of the songs are sung by newcomers like Jayakrishnan, Devanand, Balu, Nasnin, Rakesh Brahmanandan, Akhila and Bhavyalakshmi, but there are songs by veterans like MG Sreekumar, G Venugopal and Madhu Balakrishnan also. Though we liked Arikil Varoo Vasanthamayi, Ganesharchana, Guruvayoor Unnikannanu, our favourite is Shyama Vaanil which is very addictive with those percussions (listen to both the male version by G Venugopal and female version by Akhila).

We had thought of Alex Paul as a person who composes mostly fast paced songs like Ambalakkara (Black) and Nee Pidiyana (Thuruppugulan). With just one song, Ozhukukayi Puzha Pole (Achanurangatha Veedu) we changed our opinion. Now with Lal Jose’s Classmates starring Prithviraj, Sunil, Indrajith and Kavya Madhavan he has made some soulful and memorable songs. We liked most of the songs, like Chillujalakam, Kaatadi Maravum, Ethra Kaalam, and Hari Rama but our favourite is Ente Khalbile sung by Sujatha.In the new movies which songs did you like? Leave us a comment.

One Comment

  1. I agree with VC..songs in Anachandan are melodious and relaxing. Thanks to new talents.My latest favourite is ‘Arikil Varoo’ in Anachandam.Haven’t heard songs from Classmates or any new releases.
    One comment to/abt Deepak Dev… rap in malayalam songs…. DOESN’T WORK

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