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Ethics and Keerthichakra



Mohanlal and Tamil actor Jeeva are now shooting each other, not with AK-47s, but with words. Keerthichakra and it’s Tamil version Aran were released simultaneously and these movies are heading towards different fates. While Keerthichakra is doing good business in Kerala, Aran has flopped.

Keerthichakra/Aran is produced by R.B.Choudhary. His son Jeeva acts as the second hero of the movie and the Tamil version has more comedy scenes and songs for Jeeva. Apart from that it had Mohanlal speaking in a different voice as someone else dubbed for him.

Asked about this incident, Mohanlal said

“I do not want to have anything to do with the Tamil film.”

Yes, he is angry and has every reason to feel that way. “From the day the movie released, I am getting calls from Tamil Nadu asking why my voice was dubbed. I want to tell everyone through that I was never asked to dub for the Tamil version. Also, we shot the film in Malayalam, not in Tamil.” [Mohanlal disowns Aran]

Mohanlal’s remarks got a harsh response from Jeeva.

Since Mohanlal was abroad when the dubbing was being done, Rajiv’s voice was used. If we had to wait for Mohanlal to arrive, the film’s release would have been postponed for too long. Moreover, Mohanlal has no market in Tamilnadu, comments Jeeva. [Mohanlal – Jeeva clash over Aran]

Jeeva responded to these allegations by stating that Mohanlal demanded exorbitant sums for dubbing and that he flew to London not bothering about the movie’s release. We had no time to wait for him since the movie’s release date was close, Jeeva said. [Jeeva hits back at Lal citing his costly demands]

As it’s the case of any controversy, this too has two versions. The questions we have are:

Did Mohanlal leave for London without completing the dubbing? Was it ethical on producers part to have someone else dub for Mohanlal? If Mohanlal could dub for Maniratnam’s Iruvar, why not for Aran?

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