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Review: The Tiger


Written by Unni

Tiger is an animal that fascinated the poet William Blake so much that he wrote a poem on the animal and asked – “What immortal hand or eye framed thy fearful symmetry”? Symmetry in the context referred to the Tiger’s powerful body.

Shaji Kailas also shared Blake’s fascination for big animals like the Lion, which incidentally was seen on the posters of ” The King” and “Narasimham”. He continues his love for these ferocious animals with his movie “TIGER”. If it is Shaji Kailas and if its an action movie, it has to be Suresh Gopi as the lead. (his resemblance to a Tiger may be debated – ferocious he is but appearance-wise, if Lanka is any indication, the apt time should have been “BEAR”).

“Tiger”, Suresh Gopi’s next movie after Bharat Chandran, tells the story of “Tiger” Chandrasekharan, the Crime Branch officer. He is called in to investigate the murder of DGP Varma (Murali) by the Chief Minsiter (Raj Mohan Unnithan making his debut). Varma in a press conference had threatened to open a can of worms relating to the scams in the Revenue Department. The Revenue Minister Varkichan (Rajan P Dev in an appearance resembling the then Revenue minsiter – K M Mani) incidentally is in Tokyo for an official visit. Tiger learns that “Varma” is murdered by a man of code-name “Musafir”. Tiger has two assitants – Pothen (Sai Kumar who for a change is not a bad man in the movie) and Subair Sachidanand (Ranjith). Varma’s death was actually engineered by MP John Varghese (Siddiq) in connivance with the Revenue Minister even though it was executed by “Musafir”. The scams are also being investigated by the reporters Suhara (Gopika) and her friend (Vineeth). How “Tiger” manages to find “Musafir” forms the climax.

As always, Shaji Kailas has brought out a neat performance from Suresh Gopi. What makes Tiger different is that it has a relatively less dose of crash-bang-bang and verbal diarrhoea associated with his movies. To his credit, Shaji has brought out a lot of current events such as the Smart City affair in the movie. The script by Unnikrishnan could have been pepped with a few punch dialogues.

Suresh Gopi has played a cop umpteen times – Tiger is another one. Ditto for Siddique who has also portrayed the smiling villian often.Sai Kumar displays restrained acting as Pothen. Rajmohan Unnithan is very natural and does not look to be acting for the first time. Gopika does not have much to do. Janardanan and Suvarna Mathew play cameos.

On the down side, couple of scenes look very amateurish – the one where were Suresh Gopi tries to get into Gopika’s Hotmail account is one such example. The background score is just a medley of out-of-sync sounds and is not impressive. “Tiger” also falls behind in the editing department as some of the scenes (ex: the cabinet scenes) are very lengthy and could have been chopped.

Overall “Tiger” is an above-average movie (definitely better than Chintamani even though the box office results were different.) The identity of the killer “Musafir” is withheld till the very end. And the manner in which it is revealed is also very innovative. Why it may not have gone down well with the audiences could be because that it lacked the traditional bombastic dialogues and blood and gore in a Shaji Kailas/Suresh Gopi action thriller.


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  2. An excellent deep description on plot entirely different from usual bullshit.

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