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2006: Half Yearly report – Part 2


Concluding part of the two part series, the first part – 2006: Half Yearly report – Part 1

The movies which made big money in the first half year of this year were Lion, Rasathantram, Thuruppugulan, and Chintamani Kola Case. The movies Vadakkumnathan, Balram Vs Taradas, Kilukkam Kilukilukkam, and Madhuchandralekha met varying degrees of success.

This years success story, Rasathantram, was the result of reunification of Satyan Anthikkad and Mohanlal after 12 long years. Audience, nostalgic of Mohanlal’s yesteryear’s image and performance, warmly embraced this movie which had a lousy story and it resulted in biggest hit of Malayalam movie industry.

Lion was a first for all the people who worked in that movie. It was Dileep’s and Joshiey’s first political thriller and Siby and Uday’s first political script. The end product made decent money.

In Thuruppugulan, Mammootty continued where he had left off in Raja Manickyam. The actor dabbled in dance, and comedy and the movie did well in the box office. Johnny Antony, Sibi and Udayan worked with Mammotty for the first time in this movie.

Vadakkumnathan was the movie which almost never happened, but crossing all the hurdles movie got released and made good money. Music Director Ravindran’s contribution in the form of beautiful songs played major role in this movie’s success.

Balram Vs Taradas was a big budget movie with foreign locales and high production values with two unique characters from 2 different movies coming together. This movie did reasonably well at the box office.

Madhuchandralekha managed to stay afloat finally and Jayaram in turn got a fresh lease from imminent retirement. Kilukkam Kilukilukkam was savaged by reviewers and critics, but it suited the changing taste of today’s Malayalee audience. Mohanlal’s guest appearance as Joji helped this movie.

Non superstar movies consistently bit dust at the box office, irrespective of their quality and content. Achanurangatha Veedu, Vargam, and Out of Syllabus were of decent quality but failed at box office. Other non superstar movies were Parayam, Chirattakalippatangal, and Ennittum. Cool attitude of cine going audience towards non superstar movies is the single most worrying trend in Malayalam film industry.

Director Joshiey continued his good run at box office with Lion. I.V.Sasi made a come back with Balram Vs Taradas. Shajoon Karyal got a new life with Vadakkumnathan. Johny Antony is becoming the king of cartoon comedy movies. Sathyan Anthikkad still knows the pulse of people. Shaji Kailas’s brand of movies still hold audience’s attention. Lal Jose did a poignant portrayal of a burning issue in Achanurangatha Veedu and he was courageous enough to cast Salim Kumar in the main protagonist’s role. Padmakumar (Vargam), Viswanathan (Out of Syllabus) were other directors whose efforts were noteworthy.

The best music of the year no doubt came from the Late Raveendran in Vadakkumnathan. Kalabham Tharaam and Gange once again prove that Raveendran is the master when it comes to classical and semi-classical songs. This was the year of Illayaraja too. He had two films, Pacchakuthira and Rasathanthram. Though Pachhakuthira had all forgettable songs, Rasathanthram had music which grew on you. Aatinkara, Poo Kunkuma Poo and Thevaram were excellent. After Lajjavathiye, Jassie Gift took a nose dive with Rain Rain Go Away and ended up singing for various Tamil films. He got his mojo back with Balram vs Taradas. The song Mathapoove was an excellent foot tapper and even Neelathadakangalo was quite pleasant.

One of our favourite music directors, Deepak Dev had three films – Kilukkam Kilukilukkam, Lion, and Rashtram. While he decided to go cacophonic this year with unbearable songs, there are a few which were excellent, like Oru Koti Mangalam and Ooty Pattanam.

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