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More moral policing


A new Tamil movie starring Srikanth and Samvritha Sunil has a “bold” theme.

Sundar (Srikanth) returns after his studies to Ooty to stay with his brother’s family. His brother’s wife Arundhati (Sangeetha) shows boundless love and affection on him. Sundar meanwhile falls in love with Anandhi (Samvrtiha), who lives in the neighborhood. His brother suddenly commits suicide. Then on, the mantle falls on Sundar to take care of the family. Slowly, Arundathi develops a ‘feeling’ for Sundar. Coming to know about his affair with Anandhi, she tries hard to estrange them.

This movie riled comedian Vadivelu that he wanted the film makers to be whipped.

Vadivelu was visibly incensed with this very fact and used very strong words during his address at the function to make his feelings known to everyone around. He lambasted the makers of Uyir for choosing a theme such as this, which according to him questioned the very institution of marriage and family. He said that if filmmakers were not able to find themes that were not worthy of our culture, then they better not make films at all.

He opined that good cinema is one that can be watched by the entire family without parents being concerned of any negative influence on young minds. [“Uyir makers need to be whipped” – Vadivelu ]

Apparently all other movies made in Tamil so far have been worthy of our culture and this is the only abberation. It is as if Vadivelu has not seen any of his own movies consisting of crude comedy and double meaning dialogue. His definition of Good Cinema is so narrow that no one would be able to watch any Tamil movies after this. Even classy movies made by Mani Ratnam has bedroom scenes or item numbers which cannot be shown to kids.

It was only recently that Punathil Kunjabdullah tried some moral policing of Malayalam cinema and now Vadivelu has decided to explain what our culture is to us. In 2000, Life is Beautiful starring Mohanlal, Samyukta Varma and Geetu Mohandas was released and it had an unusual theme. In the movie, Mohanlal played a teacher who was married to Samyukta Varma. Then comes his sister-in-law played by Geetu Mohandas who has an infatuation for him. The story is about the tensions it creates and how it is resolved. This movie came and went and no one really complained about the theme.

While there should be movies for family entertainment, there should be serious movies which explore bold themes like these. We have a censor board to give the appropriate rating to movies. To suggest that such movies not be made and only family movies be made is equivalent to asphyxiating artistic expressions .


  1. When are the likes of vadivelu gonna get it into their heads that there are enough rules and regulations in this conutry to last all of us a lifetime and more!? In addition to the censor board, we have anti-smoking campaigns, animal protection boards and a hoarde of others down the pipeline, with daggers all drawn to enforce ‘culture preservation’.

    Why is it that they fail to understand, that as responsible adults, each one of us has the ability to choose what one wants to see? Cant they atleast grant us with a minimum amount of common sense?

  2. I think Vaidivelu forgot the movie “Kalapa kathalan” starring our own Renuka Menon. The theme was younger sister falling in love elder sister’s husband. Strange he missed out on that.

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