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Review: Kochi Rajavu


When the movie starts, Dileep has a serious face. He is pensive, does not talk much, does not laugh or make others laugh. In fact, he does not even smile, when Harisri Asokan does his monkey act in front of him. No, we are not degrading Asokan, by calling him a monkey, but in one scene in the movie, he actually acts like a monkey, scratching his face, jumping up and down and making faces. Still Dileep does not laugh. He cannot laugh because he is Surya Narayana Varma, who has been in jail for five years for murder and people released from jail and who have murderers chasing him do not smile.

Surya Narayana Varma a.k.a Unni had murdered Prakashan, who was supposed to marry Ashwathy (Kavya Madhavan), his love. Ashwathy, whose parents died was bought up by her uncle (Vijayaraghavan), who has an eye on her property. He wanted her to marry his relative so that the property would remain in the family, but she wanted to marry Unni. While Unni and Ashwathy try to elope, Prakashan and gang chase them and in the fight, Unni stabs Prakshan.

Knowing that Vijayaraghavan would seek revenge on Unni, his parents whisk him to Chennai on the hope that Vijayaraghavan and gang would not know how to reach Chennai. In Chennai he joins the Law College and encounters Meenakshi (Rambha). They get off to a wrong start. Unni also gets into the bad book of her brother played by Riaz Khan who appears in extremely tight fitting t-shirt and holding his breath. One incident leads to another and Unni beats Riaz Khan. Then one incident leads to another and Meenakshi wants to marry Unni. Next aliens land and kidnap both of them. Just kidding.

Knowing that his parents have fixed his marriage to Meenakshi without his consent, Unni decides to tell the story of his life to Meenakshi. Thus we learn about his past when he did not walk with a serious face and about his romance with Ashwathy, his tiff with his father which leads to him being an auto driver and then various activities with Harisri Asokan, which are best left unsaid. Since the flashback is over, Vijayaraghavan and co decide to let Unni know that Ashwathy is still alive. Will Unni marry her? What will happen to Meenakshi? Why are you asking all these stupid questions?.

This would be an exciting movie to watch if you have not seen Baasha or for that matter any other movie. In Baasha, Rajnikanth is an auto driver with a past. In this movie Dileep is a college student with a past as an auto driver. The main pillars of the movie are a simple revenge story and a silly triangular love affair. How many times have we seen this. There is nothing new about the ch aracters played by Dileep and Kavya Madhavan. In fact left alone, they both can act in this movie without any direction from past experience. But this movie has a director – Johnny Antony, of C.I.D.Moosa fame.

Dileep and Comedy are like Gonghura Pickle to Andhra food. This movie has its dose of comedy and some of the dialogues (Uday Krishna – Sibi.K.Thomas) are really funny. Then the movie has Harisri Asokan also. In one scene in the cafeteria in the college, Harisri is seen serving food to students in complete cricket gear. His explanation is that there are constant fights in the campus and the cricket costume is to protect him. A fight soon stars and Harisri gets hit. He falls through a window onto Indrans, who falls into a sack full of flour. Indrans with his face full of flour then slowly rises up, making faces. Such scenes are there all throughout the movie.

Then there is Jagathi Sreekumar, who is Unni’s grandfather. He is trained in martial arts and has an old car which does not run. In most scenes, he is seen rushing into various scenes with his car loaded at the back of a lorry. That’s all what he does in the movie. Among the villains, Vijayaraghavan acts terrible. His voice is not suited for shouting and that is what he does all the time, making it more hilarious than menacing. Kavya Madhavan looks plump and beautiful and does her part very well. Rambha does not have anything worthwhile to do in this movie other than appearing in two songs in the kind of dresses that Kavya would never wear.

The music is by our favorite, Vidyasagar, but all the songs are forgettable, except for Munthiripadam, which was the relatively better one. The song was sung by Udit Narayan, and thus we are not sure if it was really a Malayalam song. Usually Dileep movies fall into this category called “Entertainers” meaning that the story is irrelevant. The story of this movie is as predictable any Bollywood movie and has no twists or turns that we have not seen before. And if you are still wondering what exactly is ‘Kochi Rajavu’, it’s the name of Dileep’s autorickshaw in the movie. This is a movie worth watching once for time pass.


  1. Oh yes, this was one film that was eminently forgettable. It was difficult to put up with the muddlesome mess.

  2. I just loved reading the review of this excellent film ,Please can you extend your reviews to some popular Tamil films as well .

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