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Punathil Kunjabullah has a strange request . He wants the superstars, Mammotty and Mohanlal to stay out of the film industry for a while for the following reasons.

  1. Forty and Fifty year old actors are acting with eighteen year old girls. This is not our culture
  2. Superstars are taking high payments are bankrupting producers.

Mammotty, Mohanlal, Kavya Madhavan, Bhavana and Meera Jasmine are portraying characters on screen and not playing themselves. Actors do not portray their real age on screen and with makeup they look much younger or older. Mammotty is a grandfather, but he seems to be getting younger as the years pass by. In Thommanum Makkalum, Mammotty acted as Rajan P. Dev’s son, even though he is older than Rajan P. Dev. Kavya Madhavan played the mother of a young son in Sadananthante Samayam and Meera Vasudev played the mother of a kid who in real life just a few years younger than her in Thanmatra. So long as the characters look convincing on screen, we should not care about their real age.

In India there is this habit of marrying off teenage girls to rich old men who are old enough to be their grandfather as shown in Padom Onnu; Oru Vilapom . If Kunjabdullah had protested against it, we would have understood, since that is reality. But sadly, he is worried about the make belief world of movies.

When Kunjabdullah spends his money, none of us questions him. He should give the same freedom to film producers. If they want to blow up their money on films, let them do it. At one point in time Kunchako Boban used to get paid more than Dileep and now it is the other way. This happened since Dileep movies fetch more returns. If superstars are getting more money, it is because they are that valuable to the producer.

Since the begining of 2005, Mammotty has been on a roll and all his movies have fectched crores in returns. His Rajamanikyam is the top grossing Malayalam films of all times. Mohanlal’s Rasathanthram is also a mega hit. Is Kunjabdullah suggesting that producers spent their money on losing ventures and go backrupt? Why should the film industry be run like public sector companies?


  1. It quite funny to see how every now and then the so called moralist come up with stupid arguments as how things are affecting our “culture”. Get real “Punathil” Kunjabdullah once in a while do come out of that “puman” and look around the world.

  2. Even though it is acting, the fact that neither Ikka nor Lal look the 20/30 somethings they try to portray and definitely do look much older compared to the actresses is bothering.

    The same applies to Chiranjeevi and Rajni too.

    However, viewers who only watch Malluwood movies may not be bothered by it. However, people like me who watch a spectrum of movies from other languages would have this concern for sure.

    Here is another bloggers view on it

  3. We all saw the fate of “young” heroes like Jayasurya, Jishnu, Siddharth. Its not only because the viwers want to see Lal and Mammotty all the time. These two stalwarts are irreplacable in terms of acting also.

  4. Young heros rarely get good stories and great teams like before. Even the old stalwart directors/writers and music directors are not able to repeat their magic like they did before.

    Today, either one should have a great film, or an entertaining film. The two need not come together. The films that Mamooty has done in the recent past that were blockbusters were entertaining for the mass, not necessarily good films. Mohanlal has been attempting to do good films, but they were not entertaining, so flopped.

    There are many youngsters who are talented. A young actor with great potential like Pritviraj has rarely given a hit because the films he did were lousy, not because he lacked popularity. Heros don’t guarantee hits, there has to be something in the film. Maybe, the total run of film and openings will be given by hero.

    If you read most reviews of Rasanthanthram, you will see critics say that Meera shined over Mohanlal. The total product was good. Even then, it has not had competition from any other films. That’s how bad is the industry’s situation.

    Coming to Mohanlal and Mamooty (even Sureshgopi and Dileep) look their age. There’s only so much makeup will cover. Personally, I think they look jaded next to these young heroines. This is not only for Malayalam heros, but for Tamil oldies and Telugu oldies as well. They should start to look for more then romance and songs in films.

    But I doubt their ego will allow them.

  5. SK – Its no different in Bollywood/Hollywood.

    In bollywood the Khan Kings are over 40 and romance kids. Salman Khan was paired with Sneha Ullal in Lucky. There are many examples.

    In Hollywood, Arnie is 60. Cruise is 44.

    Bottomline is – People who have exhibited their acting skills over a period of time are evergreen because people want to see them again and again.
    The heorines age but not the heroes

    A Mohan Lal is what the Mallu wants to see more than a Jayasurya. Simple as that

  6. Its interesting that you dont mind older actors trying to play young. Honestly, i feel very uncomfortable when i see them romancing much younger actresses on-screen. No matter how much make-up they dab on their faces, their body language and their overall clumsiness give away the fact that they are getting old. Iam not suggesting they retire. But well, they can play their age.

    I am a huge fan of Mohanlal. I think no one can beat him as an actor. But all i feel for him now is pity. He used to be a natural actor. But now? He is being made to do things he is not comfortable with. Its so depressing to see such a gerat actor struggling. i just hope he will be bold enough to return to what he does best, instead of worrying about the box office.

    And this is true for all those aging actos. Look at AB. Isnt he playing his age? He is not the hero. He is only the hero’s father. But does that make him less admirable?

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