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Bhavana settles in Tamil


Bhavana quits Malayalam , Bhavana on a roll . These were the headlines on various websites the other day. The news is related to the fact that Bhavana has moved completely to Tamil. Sometime back we noticed that Bhavana had started speaking Tamil , but still she used to make the trek to Kerala to do Malayalam films, the most recent one being Chess.

Bhavana’s first Tamil film Chittiram Pesuthadi did not click in the initial release, but when it was re-released, it became a big success and Bhavana got noticed. Now she is acting in Veyyil, a film produced by Shankar, Kizhakku Kadarkarai Salai with Srikanth and she has committed to act in a movie titled Deepavali with Jeyam Ravi. Based on this information, the article declares that she has overtaken Nayantara .

We think that is a bit premature to say. In Tamil Film Industry, the ultimate honor is in acting as Rajnikanth’s heroine and Nayantara has already done that. She also acted along with Surya, and Vijay, all among the top box office stars in Tamil. She is now doing an item number with Chiranjeevi. Compared to that Bhavana has not made it to the big league yet. Her heroes so far are Narain, Srikanth, and Jeyam Ravi, who are a rung below in the Tamil Industry food chain.

Bhavana got noticed for her acting skills in Chittiram Pesuthadi, while Nayantara will be remembered for her kissing poster with Simbu in Vallavan and the item number in Ghajini. Both these actresses have chosen two different paths. Nayantara is in no-inhibitions, clothes are optional mode, while Bhavana is conservative and is concentrating on roles which give her a chance to display her histrionics. It is truly wonderful to see that even with such a stand, Bhavana is getting offers, which she truly deserves. It is indeed a loss for Malayalam film industry, which is not able to offer meaty roles for their female leads.


  1. Meera Jasmine is one actress whom we can say has “been there. done it” all. She also proved that you can make it big in Tamil, without shedding clothes. Gopika is another.

    Navya Nair started that way until some tantalizing photos of her and Cheran were splashed across the covers of a leading malayalam movie magazine.

    Bhavana looks to be sensible and choosy in her roles. Having said that , one cannot predict what fame would do to her in Tamil.

  2. Unni, Have u seen the movie Aayutha Ezhuthu of Mani Ratnam… Meera Jasmine had acted in that movie in the role of the wife of a gangster (Madhavan).. The scenes between Madhavan and Meera Jasmine was worse than an actress shedding clothes for a few seconds in a song sequence!!
    The point is what we see as glamorous… All the Malayalee actresses who have migrated into Tamil can be called aesthetic actresses if we were to compare their bare dare skills with that of Mallika Sherawat, including Nayantara!! But that is not the case, the thing that we need to consider is will they do the same in a comparitively low budget Malayalam movie what they do there in Tamil movies!!

  3. Unnikrishnan..I knew *somebody* would come up to connect ‘Ayutha Ezhuthu’ and Meera Jasmine. 🙂

    As you said lets try to define what glamour is. I will try to compare two movies – Gajini and Ayutha Ezhuthu, which I had seen. In the former, Nayan played a medical student(!!) who goes about in itsy bitsy clothes. There was a song (X machi), where she flaunts her body in a skimpy pair of shorts. In the entire second half where she helps Surya find the killers, she shows off her bloated hips as well.

    Now the scene you mentioned in Ayutha Ezhuthu was directed by Mani Rathnam, one of the best directors in India. He does not have to resort to item numbers to display his heroines’ assets. As for that scene in question, Madhavan was a typical unruly gangster with very little emotions. That scene was meant to highlight the brutality in him even while behaving to his subservient and silently suffering wife in an intimate moment. Meera did take off her clothes, but not in the manner Nayan did in Gajini

    Now in the context do you really think it is fair to call this as “exposure”?

    Nayanthara and some others are trying to compete with Mallika Sherawat in the anatomy competition. Meera Jasmine is not.

    Also, while every other malayalm actress is relocating to Kodambakkam, Meera is doing a reverse. Nayanthara had the potential to become a “good” actress, but she sacrificed it for fame, wealth and glamour.

  4. I dont think bhavana have did ayy glamarous roles till now and also dont think that she will do in near future, even meera and gopika are also not doing the glamarous roles, many gossips are there that bhavana is going to do glamarous roles, but its all just gossips only, no truth is there in that. Bhavana is a nexcellent actress who really won our hearts, congrats and keep going.

  5. She is very talented girl & i love her & her films very much……..Surya

  6. we all now know how much bhavanaa followed her words …anyaw the statement sounds good!but hard to follow …. in industries outside keralaa. but in bhavanz’s case she had to cut down her clthes length even in her homeland. the funniest thing is … she now says “oru award padathil nalathayi abbhinayichu award medichu shelfil vekunatilum eniku talparyam ente cinema 100 divasan odunnathanu”cant beleive its the same person who said both…well if she wants to earn fame and fans second statement is better. it has been proven 1000 times that no actress cab reach no1 without oozing glamour. so watt can she do,?!!

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